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Student Life

Clubs at BI

Students at Bishop Ireton are encouraged to balance their academic work with extracurricular activities. A Club Fair is held annually during the first week of school that allows students to learn more about each club. With over 60 clubs active at Bishop Ireton, students have a multitude of opportunities "to be who they are and be that well."

Clubs at Bishop Ireton

Acapella Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Kosko
  • Student Leaders: Jake Carlo
African American Heritage and Culture Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Jason Smith
  • Student Leader: Taylor Johnson, Abigail Abraham, Brian B.
Anime Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Bradford
  • Student Leader: Thomas Monaghan
Art for Autism
  • Student Leader: Olivia Hays
Bacon Club
  • Moderator: Father Bresnahan
  • Student Leader: Libby York
Best Buddies
  • Moderator: Mr. Parks
  • Student Leaders: Maggie McHugh, Hannah Blaha
Beta Club
  • Moderator: Ms. Brashear
  • Student Leaders: Lilly Burling, Casey Hoffman, Katie Wood
Be Strong Club
  • Moderator: Ms. Magalong
  • Student Leaders: Alex Malone
Book Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Jones
  • Student Leaders: AnneMarie Caballero, Meg Bonilla
>Bowling Club
  • Moderator: Ms. Tombs
  • Student Leaders: Juliet Hockada
  • Moderator: Ms. Steg
  • Student Leaders: AnneMarie Caballero
Cardinals for Freedom
  • Moderator: Mr. Hall
  • Student Leader: Carole Beckhorn
Charity Through Medicine
  • Moderator: Mrs. Tunick
  • Student Leader: Nancy Pisano
Chess Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Smith
  • Student Leader: Bella Prigge
Coding Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Kelly
  • Student Leader: Patrick Riley, Will Mueller
  • Moderator: Laurie Candalor & Judith Harmon
Criminology Club
  • Moderator: Ms. Cai
  • Student Leader: Liz Riccio
Deutsch Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Andrychowski
  • Student Leaders: Camille Schultz and Aisling Italliden
Dead Poets Society
  • Moderator: Dr. Murphy
  • Student Leaders: Elisha Lewis
Drama Club
  • Moderators: Carly Maalouf
Economics Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Rauer & Mr. Smith
  • Student Leader: Courtney Quinn
Entrepreneurship Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Martin
  • Student Leader: Lilly Winstanley
Environmental Club
  • Moderators: Mrs. Mullervy & Mrs. Markussen
  • Student Leader: Morgan McNutt
Ethiopian Club
  • Student Leaders: Tamar Ayalew & Mary Taye
French Honors Society
  • Moderator: Mr. Thomas
  • Student Leader: Avery Potter, Casey Hoffman
Gamer Club
  • Moderator: Mr Waldman & Mrs. Faletti
  • Student Leaders: Bella Prigge
Girls Go Cyber Start
  • Moderator: Mrs. Briody and Mr. Naduvilekunnal
  • Student Leaders: Sarah Payne and Courtney Quinn
Girls Who Code
  • Moderator: Mrs. Kelly
  • Student Leaders: Bella Carucci, Annemarie Caballero
Haitian Alliance Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Michelle Reed 
Hope Club
  • Student Leaders: Gaby Garcia & Libby York
It’s Academic
  • Moderator: Mr. Umbeck
  • Student Leader: Wali Shaikh, Javier Chiriboga, Patrick Riley
Improv Club
  • Moderator: Ms. Leslie
  • Student Leader: Owen Peters
International Club
  • Moderator: Nicole DiLorenzo
  • Student Leader: Kathy Teran, Mary Taye
Maker Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Faletti
  • Student Leader: David Fleming
Mock Trial Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Mullervy
  • Student Leader: Wali Shaikh
Model U.N.
  • Moderator: Mr. Rauer
  • Student Leader: AnneMarie Caballero, Patrick Riley, Libby York
Mu Alpha Theta
  • Moderator: Mrs. England
  • Student Leader: Wali Shaikh, Melissa Nguyen
National Art Honor Society
  • Moderator: Ms. Eichler
  • Student Leaders: Annie Mildrew, Meg Bonilla
Photography Club
  • Moderator: Vicky Eichler & Mrs. Connors
  • Student Leaders: Annie Mildrew & Cece Finucan
Pro-Life Club
  • Moderator: Mr. Rauer
  • Student Leader: Rebecca D'Souza
Red Cross Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Baehre, Ms. O’Leary
  • Student Leader: Neeve Graham, Katherine Wood
Robotics Club
  • Moderator: Mrs. Faletti
  • Student Leader: Tim App
  • Moderator: Mrs. Agouridis
  • President: Sarah Milam
  • Vice President: Hewan Tariku
  • Secretary: Ailita Whalen
  • Treasurer: Bryan Boki
$kills for $uccess
  • Moderator: Mr. Cogliano
  • Student Leaders: Hewan Tariku, Yasmin Zairi, Kelsey Azmitia
National Spanish Honors Society
  • Moderators: Mrs. Abboud & Mr. Moglia
  • Student Leader: Bella
  • Vice President: Abigail Abraham
  • Secretary: Mary Antonette Luyun
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Gately
Stage Crew
  • Moderator: Ms. Candalor
  • Moderator: Mr. Naduvielkunnel 
  • Student Leaders: Alejandra Caballero and Lorena Murro
Sustained Dialogue
  • Moderator: Milton Powell
  • Student Leader: Justin Smith
Ultimate Frisbee
  • Moderator: Father Bresnahan
  • Student Leader: Matthew Monaghan, Michael McCormick
Women in Science
  • Moderator: Mrs. Tunick
  • Student Leader: Anna Eleuterio

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