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Student Life

Clubs at BI

Students at Bishop Ireton are encouraged to balance their academic work with extracurricular activities. A Club Fair is held annually during the first week of school that allows students to learn more about each club. With over 60 clubs active at Bishop Ireton, students have a multitude of opportunities "to be who they are and be that well."

Clubs at Bishop Ireton

African American Heritage and Culture Club 
Moderator: Mr. Jason Smith
Student Leader: Taylor Johnson & Brian Bokino

Asian American Heritage Club
Moderator: Ms. Dilorenzo
Student Leaders: Jay Gnanasekaran, Alex Nguyen & Richard Ferris

Amnesty International Club
Moderator: Dr. Murphy
Student Leader: Wali Shaikh & Franceska Coo

Anime Club
Moderator: Mrs. Reed
Student Leader: Karolyn Kane & Cristinia Asesor

Bacon Club
Moderator: Ms. McNutt
Student Leader: Maeve Chawk & Ashley Michaelis

Be Strong Club
Moderator: Mrs. Jordan
Student Leader: Alex Malone

Best Buddies
Moderator: Mr. Parks
Student Leaders: Molly McDade, Katherine Lis & Julia Hart

Beta Club
Moderator: Ms. Brashear
Student Leaders: Rachel Gordon, Lucy Barber, Aisling Halliden & Norah Wiegand 

Book Club
Moderator: Mrs. Jones
Student Leaders: Katharine Burgess & Kathleen McNerney

Bowling Club
Moderator: Ms. Tombs
Student Leader: Juliet Hockaday

Cambridge Road
Moderator: Ms. Steg
Student Leaders: Caroline Keir 

Cardinal Crazies
Moderators: Mr. Hall, Mrs. McCarthy
Student Leaders: Semawit Solomon, Maeve Webster, Reilly Casey & Isabelle Thornburg 

Cardinals for Freedom
Moderator: Mr. Hall
Student Leader: Rachel Schmitt & Lorena Murro 

Charity Through Medicine
Moderator: Mrs. Tunick
Student Leader: Nancy Pisano

Chess Club
Moderator: Mr. Aaron Smith
Student Leader: TBD

Coding Club 
Moderator: Mrs. Kelly
Student Leader: Will Mueller

Corn Hole Club
Moderator: Ms. Leslie
Student Leaders: Graham Lawrence, Shane Lyons, Charles Murphy
Moderator: Laurie Candalor & Judith Harmon

CyberPatriot Team
Moderator: Mrs. Kelly
Student Leader: Maxwell Dodson

UnDead Poets Society
Moderator: Dan Murphy
Student Leader: Elisha Lewis

Dessert Club
Moderator: Ms. Duffy
Student Leaders: Angelyn Nguyen, Lorena Murro & Rebecca El Choueiry

Deutsch Club 
Moderator: Mr. Andrychowski
Student Leaders: Camille Schultz & Aisling Halliden

Drama Club
Moderators: Ms. Carly Maalouf
Student Leaders: Owen Peters

Economics Club
Moderator: Mr. Rauer & Mr. Aaron Smith
Student Leaders: Courtney Quinn

Environmental Club
Moderators: Mrs. Mullervy & Mrs. Markussen
Student Leader: Franceska Padilla Coo

Filipino American Club
Moderator: Ms. Gitlin
Student Leaders: Isabel Graham, Alex Cuenco-Olaya
Frassati Society 
Moderator: Ms. Duffy
Student Leader: Robert Lorge & Shane Lyons

French Honors Society
Moderator: Mr. Thomas
Student Leader: Megan Fuller & Alejandra Caballero

German Club 
Moderator: Mr. Andrychowski
Student Leaders: TBD

Girls Go Cyber Start
Moderator: Mrs. Briody & Mr. Naduvilekunnel
Student Leaders: Sarah Payne & Courtney Quinn

Girls Who Code
Moderator: Mrs. Kelly
Student Leaders: Emily Ambery & Franceska Padilla Coo

Haitian Alliance Club
Moderator: Mrs. Jordan
Student Leader: Student Council Association

Honor Council
Moderators: Mr. Bass, Ms. Leslie, Mrs. Jones
Student Leaders: William Mueller & Patrick Scolese

Human Rights Club
Moderator: Dr. Murphy
Student Leaders: Wali Shaikh & Franceska Padilla Coo

It’s Academic
Moderator: Mr. Umbeck
Student Leader: TBD

Improv Club
Moderator: Ms. Leslie
Student Leader: Owen Peters

International Thespian Society
Moderator: Mrs. Henry
Student Leaders: Kathleen McNerney, Owen Peters, Samantha Fisher, Jonah Smith

K-Pop Club
Moderator: Ms. Reed
Student Leader: Samantha Hansford, Abby Hernandez

Maker Club
Moderator: Mrs. Faletti
Student Leader: TBD

Mock Trial Club
Moderator: Mrs. Mullervy
Student Leader: Sajiv Gnanasekaran

Model United Nations
Moderator: Mr. Rauer
Student Leader: Molly McDade, Will Mueller, Wali Shaikh & Josh Victor

Moot Court Club
Moderator: Mrs. Mullervy & Mrs. Markussen
Student Leader: Kelly Riley

Mu Alpha Theta
Moderator: Math Department
Student Leader: Melissa Nguyen & Franceska Padilla Coo

National Art Honor Society
Moderator: Ms. Eichler
Student Leaders: TBD

National Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Rier
Student Leader: William Mueller, Maxwell Dodson, Molly McDade, Franceska Padilla Coo

Peer Helpers
Moderator: Ms. DiLorenzo

Photography Club
Moderator: Ms. Eichler
Student Leaders: Gaby Garcia

Pro-Life/Catholic Witness Club
Moderator: Mr. Rauer
Student Leader: Rebecca D’Souza

American Red Cross Club
Moderator: Mrs. Baehre & Ms. O’Leary
Student Leader: Siobhan Chawk & Kenan Carter

Rho Kappa 
Moderator: Mrs. Markussen & Mrs. Martin
Student Leader: TBD

Robotics Club
Moderator: Mrs. Slaton
Student Leader: TBD

Shakespeare Club
Moderator: Ms. Steg
Student Leader: Samantha Fisher

Student Ambassadors
Moderators: Mrs. Mahon & Mrs. Wilkinson

Students Against Destructive Decisions
Moderator: Mrs. Agouridis
Student Leaders: Ailita Whalen, Nelsa Tiemtore, Lucy Barber & Nancy Pisano

Student Council Association
Moderators: Ms. McNutt & Ms. Tombs
Student Leaders: Gaby Garcia & Jonah Smith 

Student Global Leadership
Moderator: Mrs. Sbragia
Student Leaders: Annalisa Gentile, Keely Pence
$kills for $uccess
Moderator: Mr. Cogliano
Student Leaders: Hewan Tariku, Yasmin Zairi & Kelsey Azmitia

National Spanish Honors Society
Moderators: Mrs. Abboud & Mr. Moglia
Student Leader: Siobahn Chawk, Rebecca El Choueiry, Lucy Barber & Trey Pallace 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM) Club
Moderator: Mr. Naduvilekunnel
Student Leaders: Alejandra Caballero and Lorena Murro

Sustained Dialogue
Moderator: Mr. Powell
Student Leader: Jonah Smith, Gaby Garcia, Caroline Kier

Tri-M Music Honor Society
Moderator: Mrs. Hall
Student Leader: TBD

Video Game Club
Moderator: Mr Waldman & Mrs. Faletti
Student Leaders: Sajiv Gnansekaran

Women in Science
Moderator: Mrs. Tunick
Student Leader: Zoe Fray

Young Americans for Freedom
Moderator: Mr. Cogliano, Mr. Rauer
Student Leader: Maria Mateo

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