Real World Wednesdays

"Real World Wednesdays" is a program meant to connect current Bishop Ireton students with a diverse group of people beyond the classroom who can spark their interest further or even assist them in the future. Bishop Ireton is blessed with alumni, parents, faculty, staff and community leaders who can share their story and even share an interest or hobby with our students. As a college preparatory institution, we know that our students are interested in different fields of study and are exploring different career paths, service programs and possible spiritual vocations.

In October 2023, Real World Wednesdays was rebooted as a long form podcast.

Real World Wednesdays the Podcast - December 6, 2023

On the show in this episode is Mike Bennett, a 1972 graduate of Bishop Ireton who paid his own way through high school, went on to an amazing career and has now committed his life to giving back.

Real World Wednesdays the Podcast - November 8, 2023

On the show in this episode, Aaron Smith, VP of Business Development and Fesco Energy, and Andy Schulman, Director of the Office of Planning, Construction and Facilities for the Diocese of Arlington, talk about the plan to bring a whole new type of energy to Bishop Ireton High School.

Real World Wednesdays the Podcast - October 4, 2023

Reintroducing Real World Wednesdays! A podcast from Bishop Ireton High School featuring alumni and friends of the school for the Cardinal community and beyond.

On the show in this episode, how Josh Goldman (BI '06) ended up back at Cambridge Road nearly a decade and a half after he graduated.

Real World Wednesdays - April 5, 2023

In celebration of Neurodiversity Inclusion Month, the April program featured counselor Nicole DiLorenzo (SMA ‘89), Special Services Chairperson Elizabeth Subasavage (BI ‘98) and Special Services faculty member Ben Gerke (BI ‘12).

Real World Wednesdays - February 1, 2023

In celebration of Black History Month, this program featured Assistant Dean of Students Lori Whitley and Assistant Athletic Director Ashley Perez.

Real World Wednesdays - January 4, 2023

This program featured a conversation with Dr. Garwood Whaley and Chris Farrell (BI '68) who spoke about careers in music.

Real World Wednesdays - December 7, 2022

This program featured a conversation with Brad Kintz (BI '96) and Taylor Barnes (BI '13) who spoke about careers in the real estate.

Real World Wednesdays - November 2, 2022

This program featured a conversation with Chief Warrant Officer 5 John Calley (BI '84), Lieutenant Colonel Beau Mason (BI '96), Captain Madeleine Fortier (BI '14) and Second Lieutenant Victoria Sardegna (BI '18) who spoke about careers in the military.

Real World Wednesdays - October 5, 2022

The program featured Jake Odmark (BI '04) and Lizzie Donelan (BI '07) who discussed careers in theater, film and television.

Real World Wednesdays - June 1, 2022

The program featured Matthew Pugsley (BI ’79), Jay Galeota (BI ’84) and Wes Kaupinen (BI ’96) discussing careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Real World Wednesdays - April 6, 2022

The program featured Dr. Suzy Buenaventura SMA ‘76, Dr. Rob Beer (BI '86) and Alex Orellana (BI '14) discussing careers in medicine.

Real World Wednesdays - March 2, 2022

The program was hosted by the BI Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS). It featured Alvaro Ramirez (father of Natalie Ramirez, CSHS President), Liam Moran (uncle of Colin and Caroline Miller, CSHS members), Kathryn Barnitt and Sarah Barnitt.

Real World Wednesdays - February 2, 2022

The program featured Bishop Ireton Diversity Council members Deacon Al Anderson, Jr. and Jacquline Raia, who shared the efforts of the council and the Bishop Ireton community.

Real World Wednesdays - January 5, 2022

The program featured three former Bishop Ireton principals: Rev. William F. Walsh, OSFS, Rev. William Metzger, OSFS and Father Matthew Hillyard, OSFS (BI '79).

Real World Wednesdays - November 10, 2021

The program, presented live in Hellmuth Library on the Marine Corps birthday and the day before Veterans Day, focused on careers in the military and featured Cardinal community members Colonel Carol Joyce (Bishop Ireton parent of alumnae) and Mr. Tony Verducci (Bishop Ireton parent of alumni).

Real World Wednesdays - October 6, 2021

The program focused on "Women in Law" and featured Patricia Seitz (SMA '68), Mary Catherine Gibbs (SMA '89), Beth Dalmut (BI '04) and Samantha Bass (BI '11).

Real World Wednesdays - September 8, 2021

Dr. Victor Deupi (BI '82), Jorge "Pat" Rios (BI '82), Dr. Kurt T. Steinberg (BI '89) and Peter Trippi (BI '83) spoke to current students and alumni about careers in arts, architecture and design.

Real World Wednesdays - June 2, 2021

Joe Sprague (BI '86), President of Horizon Air, spoke to current students and alumni about a career in aerospace.

Real World Wednesdays - May 5, 2021

Joan Gartlan (SMA '72), Ryan Fannon (BI '89 and Associate Director of Advancement) and Matt Krause (BI '12) spoke to current students and alumni about careers in broadcasting.

Real World Wednesdays - March 3, 2021

Bob Glennon (BI '87), Kaitlin Hamer Slack (BI '13) and Sydney Bright (BI '14) spoke to current students and alumni about their careers in different areas of service.

Real World Wednesdays - February 10, 2021

Tim Alger (BI '83), Jerry McFarland (BI '86) and Kat Simmons (BI '11) spoke to current students and alumni about careers in athletics.

Real World Wednesdays - January 6, 2021

Lieutenant General Mick Bednarek '71 (U.S. Army, Retired), Rear Admiral Matthew L. Klunder (U.S. Navy, Retired) and Catherine LoGrande '17 (current ROTC student at Elon University) spoke to current students and alumni about their military service.

Real World Wednesdays - December 2, 2020

Father Ed Bresnahan, Father Chris Pollard and Deacon Malcolm D'Souza spoke to Bishop Ireton students, families and alumni about their vocational journey.