Campus Ministry

Catholic Retreats

A retreat is essential to growing in our relationship with God. A retreat asks us to put aside our daily tasks to refocus and set spiritual goals as the school year progresses.

The Bishop Ireton retreat program is set up to aid a student's growth in faith over four years of their high school education. Every student is required to make a retreat annually. Please read the information on this page for details on meeting this requirement.

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  • Freshman Retreats

    The Freshman Retreat is led by the Salesian Leadership Team who have been trained in the spirituality of St. Francis De Sales and how to share that spirituality through leadership. This retreat takes place the first week of school during Freshmen Orientation.
  • Sophomore Retreats

    Sophomore Retreats are one-day service retreats that occur in December. Students spend the morning going to one of several locations near Bishop Ireton to perform acts of service in the community. In the afternoon, they reflect on their experiences and what it means to be Christians dedicated to serving others.
  • Junior Retreats

    Junior Retreats are one-day retreats focused on the importance of rooting our Catholic Faith in our daily lives. Students spend time building community, sharing in small groups, and hearing talks from local speakers.
  • Senior Retreats

    Senior retreats are one-day retreats focused on making the spiritual transition to college. The retreats are held annually at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C. the senior retreat is mandatory for any senior who has not already attended a retreat during the year.

Kairos Retreat

Kairos is a four-day student-led retreat for juniors and seniors where students grow in their knowledge and love of God and how they can build up the faith in the Bishop Ireton community.  Many students express that this retreat was a highlight of their four years at Bishop Ireton, and that it changed their lives in a profound way. Kairos retreats are held at several different points throughout the year.

Bethany Retreat

Bethany is a four-day retreat with the other Diocesan high schools (St. Paul VI High School, Bishop O'Connell High School and St. John Paul the Great High School). The retreat aims to form missionary disciples and leaders through the lessons of Jesus at Bethany with his beloved friends.