Campus Ministry

Practicing Our Faith

The Office of Campus Ministry aims to provide a variety of programs and activities that enrich the spiritual lives of the students at Bishop Ireton. 
Campus Ministry is no one specific group or club, rather, it is the embodiment of the Christian identity that rings throughout the halls of Bishop Ireton. It exists in the compassion shared by the members of our clubs and athletic programs. It exists in the compassion of the students who pray together for the intentions of those who most need it in our world. And it exists in the compassion of our faculty members and staff who strive to be the absolute best examples of God’s courage and wisdom. Campus Ministry forms students to be faithful witnesses of their Catholic faith at school and beyond.


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  • Photo of Father Noah Morey

    Father Noah Morey 

    Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry
    (703) 212-5163
  • Photo of Jennifer Grubb

    Jennifer Grubb 

    Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
    (703) 212-5173
Bishop Ireton is an environment where I can talk about my Catholic faith and not have to worry about being judged for it. It helps me learn more about myself, others and the faith that I believe in.
- Will Mueller '20

By the Numbers

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  • 180

    Total number of Masses offered during the school year
  • 20,000

    Service hours completed by students each year
  • 70%

    Percentage of faculty who participate in retreats and service
  • 86%

    Perecentage of student body that is Catholic