Counseling Services

The goal of the school counselors is to assist students in their personal, social, and academic development as well as their preparation for college while providing all the resources students need to maximize their opportunities at Bishop Ireton and in the years that follow high school.
The freshman class is assigned to a freshman counselor who assists each student in becoming adjusted to high school, both academically and socially. After freshman year, the class is divided alphabetically and assigned to a counselor who will then work with them for the remainder of their high school career.

Why should I visit my school counselor?

  • Adjustment to High School
  • Academic Advising and Course Selection
  • Schedule Change
  • Difficulty with a class
  • Help in getting more involved in the school community
  • Advice if having difficulty making friends or getting along with others
  • Help in communicating with your teachers
  • Help in communicating with your parents
  • Assistance dealing with personal issues
  • College and Career Planning
  • Sharing good news

Counseling Team

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Chris O'Hara

    Chris O'Hara 

    Director of Counseling Grade 12 Last Name A-G, Grades 10-11 Last Name A-D, Asst Baseball Coach
    (703) 212-5187
  • Photo of Nicole DiLorenzo

    Nicole DiLorenzo 

    School Counselor Grades 10-12 Last Name O-Z
    (703) 212-5179
  • Photo of Gail Georgieff

    Gail Georgieff 

    (703) 212-5193
  • Photo of Catherine Boyle

    Catherine Boyle 

    School Counselor Grades 10-11 Last Name E-M
  • Photo of Cynthy Yates

    Cynthy Yates 

    School Counselor Grade 9 Last Name A-Z
    (703) 212-5158

Graduate Stats

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  • $16M

    Total scholarships offered
  • 106

    Enrolled in 106 different colleges in 31 states and Washington, DC, France and Spain.
  • 100%

    College acceptance rate