Bring Your Own Device

Bishop Ireton requires that each student has a personal laptop for daily use.  While attending Bishop Ireton High School, students will make daily use of computing resources including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheet analysis, online research, online submission of work, and e-mail. Many incoming and returning students may already own a laptop that will meet their needs, so we are not requiring a specific model or make for purchase. We do, however, require that the laptop runs either Windows 10, Windows 11 or MacOS (modern operating systems). 

Each student’s personal device should be a laptop with a standard keyboard, not a Chromebook, iPad or other tablet, nor should the device be the student’s phone.

Additional questions:

If you have additional questions, please contact Mike Gibson, Director of Technology, at


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  • Suggested Specifications for Student Laptops

    • CPU: 7th Generation Intel i5 Processor or above (AMD equivalent is fine)
    • Memory: 8gb of RAM or higher (16GB recommended)
    • Storage: 256gb or higher with an SSD (Solid State Drive) preferred
    • Battery: Please make sure the battery will be able to hold a charge through a standard school day
    • Screen: We suggest a screen size of at least 12” and no larger than 15” to ensure portability
  • What Make and Model should I purchase?

    We strongly recommend name brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple for laptops as they can provide warranties. With any new laptop purchase, we highly suggest purchasing a warranty.

    • For Dell, we recommend the either the XPS or Latitude line as they are higher build quality
    • For HP, we recommend the ProBook line as they are higher build quality
    • For Lenovo, we recommend the T, X, or ThinkBook series as they are higher build quality
    • For Apple, we recommend the MacBook or MacBook Pro
  • Vendors Bishop Ireton Suggests

    Bishop Ireton has partnered with ComputerWare, a trusted local company with great support.

    Computers listed on ComputerWare will also provide you with the option of purchasing a  3 or 4 year warranty with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP), meaning this machine is designed to last the duration of your student's Bishop Ireton tenure, regardless of grade level!

    Alternative computer vendors:
  • Windows PCs vs. Apple MacOS

    While a Mac will meet a student’s needs in all core classes, it is worth noting that each class concerning Computer Science and Engineering is taught with reference to a Windows operating system. This can result in subtle differences in where menus or items may be located in the Microsoft Office Suite or other required software.
  • Parent Provided Software

    Students and Parents will not be required to purchase any additional software. We do recommend that all students have the following free applications installed on their device (if using Windows, these can all be downloaded in one executable file from by selecting the applications then clicking the blue button):

    • Chrome Web Browser
    • Firefox Web Browser
    • 7-Zip
    • VLC
    • Audacity
    • SumatraPDF or Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • School Provided Software

    Every student will be using Microsoft Office throughout their time at BIHS. The school does provide all students with access to Microsoft Office 365 in all computer labs on campus as well as access to the Microsoft Student Advantage Program. This ensures that currently enrolled students can download Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus from using their Bishop Ireton credentials and install the software on up to five computers and five mobile devices. This applies to both Windows and Apple laptops.

    There are advanced level classes that will also require their own individual software. All required software will either be provided for the student’s use on a school device found in the classroom, or available for download on a personal laptop. This software includes but is not limited to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and AutoDesk Inventor.
  • Connecting to the School's Wireless Network

    Students will register their personal laptops onto the encrypted student Wi-Fi network using their Bishop Ireton provided Microsoft 365 credentials (not Google Suite credentials). While using the Bishop Ireton Wi-Fi, the user will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy found in the Bishop Ireton Handbook.
  • Security, Anti-Virus Software, and Protection Against Spyware

    All laptops are the responsibility of the owner. Bishop Ireton recommends that students always keep their device either near them physically or stored away in their locker. Anti-Virus software is highly recommended for all personal laptops. A full list of free virus protection software can be found by clicking here.

    Further protection from spyware is also suggested. This can be achieved by adding extensions for web browsers such as AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin. Any device found to be harboring or distributing a virus or spyware will be blocked from network access until the issue is resolved.
  • Additional Onsite Resources Available for Use

    While every student should have their own device, there will still be multiple technology resources available throughout the campus. Bishop Ireton has three full computer labs, a co-lab, small classroom labs, as well as laptop and Chromebook carts available for use at different times throughout the school day. Printers are also available for student use with supervision throughout the building.
Whatever device you select for your student's personal laptop, please make sure to protect the device with either a snug fitting sleeve or laptop carrying bag. Bishop Ireton also highly recommends ensuring your device has an extended warranty and accidental damage protection policy. It is also worth noting that with many devices on campus, a mix-up of laptops is bound to occur without identifing labels or markings on your student's device. We encourage the use of labels or identifing markers for your student's personal laptop.