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parent teacher organization

Mission Statement:
  • Contribute to a closer liaison and relationship among parents/guardians, faculty, administration, staff, Board of Governors and students.
  • Promote the welfare of the students of BI.
  • Work in union with the faculty, administration, staff and parents/guardians to promote and sustain communication within the BI community and encourage the development of BI.


  • President: Dave Cheney   (
  • Vice President: Kathy Budzinski (
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Dugan (
  • Secretary: Sandee Riley (
Committee Chairs
  • All Night Grad Party: Kirsti Garlock(
  • Book and Uniform Sale: Kate Finamore ( and Lynn Reardon (
  • Hospitality:  Mary Fedorochko (
  • Membership: Julie Briggs (
  • Faculty Lunches: Sonia Pilot (
  • Diocesan Rep: Vacant
  • Spring Clean-up: Sonia Pilot (
Class Representatives
  • Freshman Class: Dan Fleming (
  • Sophomore Class: Terence Peterson(
  • Junior Class: Lisa Aramony (
  • Senior Class: Sandee Riley (
201 Cambridge Road
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 751-7606
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