Bishop Ireton Wind Ensemble and Concert Band Virtual Concert

The symphonic wind ensemble and concert band performed their first ever virtual concert. Mrs. Melinda McKenzie-Hall and Mr. Dan Kosko worked to ensure that the groups were able to perform while abiding by COVID-19 restrictions. “Despite the challenges we faced, we were able to practice indoors using special face masks and instrument coverings,” said Allison Dunnegan ‘23. 
To put the concert together, each musician recorded their own individual performance and the final product was edited together. Samantha Lee ‘21 said, “My initial thought when I found out that our band would be doing a virtual concert was, ‘How are we going to pull this off?’ I know that virtual music compilations are difficult because of syncing issues. However, I was still excited that we found some other way to perform our music. 

Dedicated to veterans and frontline workers, the bands performed God Bless America, Back to the Future and A Song of Hope.

Click here to watch the full concert.