Bishop Ireton Initial Plan for Diversity & Equity in Our Community

As we have shared over the past several weeks, an important focus for us heading into this next school year is on diversity and equity throughout our community. Our Catholic teaching, which is the foundation of our school, is rooted in affirming the sacredness of all human life and, thus, respect for the dignity of each and every person. Educating our students on the beauty of racial and cultural diversity, as well as the ills that continue to exist in our society, are important ways to empower young people to bring about lasting change. While much is being done, we can and must do more.

We are committed to keeping this issue central as we move forward, understanding this is a unique moment during which we have an opportunity to work together for lasting change in our society. As such, we are implementing a three-pronged approach to begin thoughtful, needed dialogue and positive change. Because change takes time, we recognize that this is just a start.

First, we plan to send our previously mentioned survey to current families by July 15 in conjunction with student schedules. This survey will provide an opportunity for students, parents and alumni to directly connect with our staff to share issues and concerns. 

Second, we are working to set up focus groups that will allow for regular feedback about our progress with diversity and equity from various groups within our community. These will be led by a professional moderator. We know that one of our responsibilities is to listen as much as it is to speak and we look forward to hearing the valuable words from our community. 

Third, as mentioned before, a Diversity Council is being formed. We are in discussions with various members of our community on joining the council and more information will follow soon. The initial goal of the council is to not only get feedback but also seek support and ideas as we dialog and plan for our students.