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Academic Support

Bishop Ireton has an Academic Resource team that provides additional supports to students who have Student Assistant Plans or are referred by their teachers for support. The resource team creates Student Assistant Plans based on private or public school testing, public school Individual Education Plans, Independent Service Plans, and 504 Plans. Student Assistant Plans provide recommended accommodations for students with documented specific learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, cognitive disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, and physical disabilities. The resource team collaborates with subject teachers, counselors, and the school nurse to provide students with the necessary support to achieve success in all components of their school career.

Bishop Ireton has several other supports such as the Math Help Center and the Writing Resource Center, which are available to all students. The school maintains the Kurzweill 3000, a read aloud and study skills software program for students who have reading and writing disorders, as well as other assistive technology and software supports available through the library.

Bishop Ireton High School understands the needs of each student are different. We offer a variety of programs to help our students succeed and reach the best version of themselves. The courses listed below are not required and are offered as options for those students interested.

Paid Support
  • Academic Enrichment: $2,575 (in addition to tuition)
  • Connections Program: $2,060  (in addition to tuition)
Free Support
  • Accommodations (student support plans)
  • Word Write Shop
  • Math Support
  • Summer Enrichment Offerings

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Donna Mooney

    Ms. Donna Mooney 

    Academic Support Coordinator
    (703) 212-5154
    George Mason University - Bachelor's of Independent Studies
    George Mason University - Master's Special Education
    Marymount University - Master's Administration and Supervision, Catholic School Leadership
  • Photo of Janine England

    Mrs. Janine England 

    Mathematics / Academic Enrichment
    (703) 751-7606 ext. 1794
    California State University Fullerton - BA
    Naval Postgraduate School - MS
  • Photo of Meaghan Leslie

    Mrs. Meaghan Leslie 

    George Mason University - Masters of Special Education
    Catholic University of America - BA
  • Photo of Jason Smith

    Mr. Jason Smith 

    Moorehouse College - BA
    University of the District of Columbia - Master of Arts
  • Photo of Rick Wilson

    Brother Rick Wilson 

    Writing Consultant for Academic Enrichment
    George Mason University - M.A. in Writing
    The Catholic University of America - Ph.D.

Academic Support

Bishop Ireton’s Academic Support Program is a course students may take in place of their study hall to supplement and reinforce their knowledge of the concepts taught in class. This course is not required; it is offered as a support option should your child need it.
  • Staffed by qualified teachers and includes core subjects of Math, English, History, and Science.
  • Small group environment
  • Re-teaching of subject skills, review for upcoming quizzes and tests.
  • Student Assistance Plan is not required to participate in program. 
The fee for the Academic Support Program for the 2018-19 school year is $2,575 in addition to tuition.

Connections Program

Connections is a program offered for freshmen during their first year at Bishop Ireton. The program provides support and assistance in transitioning to the high demands of a college preparatory curriculum. The program is designed to provide a network of connections: academically, socially, and emotionally for our freshmen.
  • Strategies in organization and study skills, and homework assistance.
  • Works with students on daily preparedness, planning for assignments and upcoming assignments. 
  • Instructor connects with subject teachers to monitor student progress, works with counselors as needed, teacher student’s self-advocacy and how to communicate with their teachers and other members of the school community.
  • If registered for the course, students are required to remain in the course for a minimum of one semester.
  • Student Assistance Plan is not required to participate in program. 
The fee for the Connections Program for the 2018-19 school year is $2,060 in addition to tuition.


Bishop Ireton offers accommodations to students with support plans. Below are examples of some of the accommodations offered as well as those we are unable to provide:

  • Extended time on classroom assessments
  • Copies of notes or power points when available
  • Use of laptop for note-taking and written responses
  • Write on test without use of Scantron
  • Membership to Bookshare for text-to-speech book recordings if a qualified disability
Cannot Provide:
  • Read aloud for tests
  • Small group testing
  • Acceptance of late assignments (teachers have different policies – please speak to the teacher directly)
  • Oral responses for classroom testing

Word Write Shop

Available at no extra cost to all Bishop Ireton students. The Bishop Ireton Writing Center is designed to sharpen and reinforce the writing instruction students receive by providing them with help at each stage of the writing process and in all disciplines. The goal is to improve students’ written communication skills through planning, drafting, and revising essays, research papers, reports, oral presentations, college essays, and scholarship applications.

What we can do for you and your student:
  • Help students improve no matter what his or her writing abilities are to begin with.
  • Help at any stage of the writing process.
  • Help foster an understanding of the discipline that is required to produce a well-written document/project/assignment.
  • Read students’ work in a responsive, non-judgmental manner.
  • Help students locate rough spots in his or her writings.
  • Refer students to appropriate sources for help on matters we cannot solve in the conference.
  • Show students critical thinking and analytical strategies for better self-editing.
  • Send a brief report to each student’s instructor about the conference.

Math Support

All students have the opportunity to receive support with their math coursework at Bishop Ireton. The Math Help Center is open during all study halls and students may request to visit for any extra support.

Summer Support Offerings

During the summer, Bishop Ireton offers a variety of support classes in June and August for incoming freshmen as well as rising juniors and seniors. These classes are not offered for credit. Information specific to the course offerings to the summer of 2019 will be available on our website Spring 2019.

Rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students desiring to take a class (or classes) for credit over the summer may do so with prior approval from the Bishop Ireton administration.

Each course is for two weeks and meets in the morning. There are no Friday classes. Cost and courses are subject to change Summer 2019

Courses for Rising Juniors/Seniors
Algebra Support
Designed to review concepts learned in Algebra I in preparation for students involved in Algebra II as well as review concepts in preparation for the SAT.
College Reading, Research, and Writing
Designed to reinforce the key requirements for success in reading comprehension and writing expectations.

Courses for Incoming Freshman
Introduction to Freshman English
Designed to prepare incoming freshmen for Bishop Ireton’s 9th grade English college-prep curriculum
Introduction to Algebra I
Reinforce mathematical concepts learned in middle school and introduce newer algebraic concepts that will become prevalent in the upcoming academic year.

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