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All Night Grad Party

Attention Parents of Graduating Seniors!

It is time for you to register your Senior for one of BI’s longest standing and most cherished traditions: the All Night Grad Party (ANGP). Bishop Ireton’s PTO parent volunteers work very hard to make this a night to remember and we are very proud of the fact that each year, nearly every single graduate attends the ANGP. By hosting this party, EVERY graduate has a celebration to attend on graduation night and all graduates celebrate their milestone together as a class. 

As you know, one of the highest risk nights for teens is graduation night. Students are excited to celebrate their accomplishments with their friends, yet we read too often about tragedies after students attend graduation parties where drugs or alcohol are present. Parents want a safe alternative for kids on graduation night and our ANGP has become that drug and alcohol-free, fun-filled celebration that the kids actually WANT to attend. This is a party your son or daughter will NOT want to miss – we give away lots of cash and prizes and the kids have an absolute blast all night long!

Please register your senior now and sign up for one of the volunteer positions so we make this the best ANGP yet!

Kirsti Garlock
All Night Grad Party Chair

All graduates, remote or hybrid, are welcome to attend ANGP in person! For the limited online attendance option or a scholarship request, please contact Jennifer Lis at

Thank You To All Our Donors & Volunteers

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • All Night Grad Party Committee

    Dave Cheney
    Dan Fleming
    Regina FitzSimmons
    Kirsti Garlock
    Gary Hermann
    Angela Ierardi
    Lulu Jocz
    Kimberly Kern
    Carol Leftwich
    Jennifer Lis
    Donna Lorge
    Marianne McInerney
    Kathleen Mueller
    Laurie Purpuro
    Jacqueline Raia
    Sandee Riley
    Vanessa Spendley
    Deb Zebrowski
  • Bishop Ireton Family Donations

    Bailey Family
    Diane Bridge
    Denver Brunsman
    Jennifer Carpenter
    Maddie Carroll
    Stacy Carter
    Frank & Shannon Chawk
    Elizabeth Claeys
    Robert & Karen Corcoran
    Karen Czarnecki
    Teresa & John De La Garrigue
    Bridget Dunn
    Rose Dunnegan
    Mary Federochko
    HJ Fleming
    Margo Graham
    Petra Gray
    Chad & Susan Hodges
    Mary Ann & Thomas Hoffman
    Jeff Hull
    Susan Hunt
    Tracy Hutchison
    Eric & Paige Johnson
    Emily & Matthew Jones
    John & Alicia Keller
    Marylee Klunder
    Claudia Knize-Andersen
    Ko Family
    Michael Koss
    Pamela Larson
    Lucia & Grant Lebens
    Jennifer Ledbetter
    Katherine Leon
    Philip Leopold
    Jeff Lungren
    Christine & J. Sean McCarthy
    Brandi McConnon
    Melissa & John McGowan
    Jennifer McHugh
    Megan McIntyre
    Allison McVay
    Jenifer Meno
    Christine & Michael Michaelis
    Marybeth Miller
    Shanna Moses
    Murphy Family
    Brian & Kelli Neinaber
    David & Stephanie Norquist
    Kelly Oakeley
    Sara O'Brien
    Martha O'Connor
    Maggie O'Hara
    Jim & Marianne Olson
    Terence and Theresa Peterson
    Meredith Preston
    Steve Raia
    Patty Richey
    Patrick & Natalie Robinson
    Carol Roy
    Nilda Santamaria
    Marisa Scala-Foley
    Betsy Schmutz
    Kris Schulz
    Patrick Sims
    Jill Sommers
    Mary Kate Sparrow
    Maureen Waters
    Bobbi Woods
    Deb Zebrowski
  • Faculty & Staff

    Bob Artman
    Devan Dixon
    Mike Gibson
    Josh Goldman
    Cara Guzik
    Detrick Ingram
    Mary Jordan
    Patrick Kaikai
    Donna Lorge
    Kaitlyn McNutt
    Kathleen McNutt
    Father Noah Morey
    Gary Sines
    Meredith Tombs
    Rebecca Vaccaro
  • Local Organization and Business Donations

    Arlington/Fairfax BPO Elks 2188
    Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
    Good Shephard Catholic Church
    Holy Family Catholic Church
    St. Bernadette Catholic Church
    St. John Neumann Catholic Church
    St. Joseph Catholic Church
    St. Leo the Great Catholic Church
    St. Mark Catholic Church
    St. Thomas More Cathedral
    Krispy Kreme
    Mark Hausman, Hypnotist

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • Who is permitted to attend the ANGP?

    Only Bishop Ireton graduating seniors who are in good standing (at the discretion of the BI administration and ANGP) are permitted to attend the ANGP. No outside guests are permitted. All necessary registration forms must be completed prior to the event or the student will not be admitted. NO PAYMENT OR FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR ON THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT.
  • When is the party?

    The ANGP begins at 11 pm on Thursday, May 27, 2021 – after your grad has had an afternoon snooze and is ready to celebrate! The party lasts all night long, until 5 am on Friday morning, May 28. Graduates are required to stay the whole time (11 pm – 5 am). As you can imagine, grads will be tired when the party ends. Since they may be too tired to drive home safely, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you arrange for adult drivers to and from the party. It is a long night of fun and they will be ready to sleep once it is all over.
  • Where is the party?

    The ANGP will be held at Bishop Ireton High School. We will have the ENTIRE facility to ourselves and will not have to share it with anyone else. Only BI Class of 2021 Graduates and approved volunteers are permitted to attend.
  • How many people attend the event?

    Every year, only a handful of seniors do not attend the party (in 2019, less than 5 missed the event due to travel or illness). This is because it's a very special tradition at Bishop Ireton and everyone looks forward to it. It is a special way to celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments! 
  • What to expect at the ANGP?

    The party’s theme is a privately chartered “cruise” with the student’s entire graduating class. No need to drive anywhere special as the “cruise ship” is “docked” at the school. The “Captain” of the ship will have the crew on deck to supervise the fun, keep the food flowing and activities lively. While “onboard” the ship, graduates will try their luck in the ship's “casino,” look for treasures, and show their skills at several games and activities. There will be music and there will be an All-Night Buffet. Caricature drawings, airbrush tattoos and green screen photography will help to memorialize the special event. There will also be trivia games and a grand prize raffle as all passengers will be eligible to win a wide array of cash and prizes, awarded throughout the evening. Your graduate will not want to miss the sailing of the U.S.S. BI GRAD! Please try to keep as much as you learn about the event a surprise, too. While we want students to know why they don’t want to miss this night, we do try to keep up the suspense and mystery as much as possible to increase the excitement.
  • How do I register my senior?

    Fill out the online registration form and pay for the event. We will be updating the website with a list of confirmed attendees names each week so you may ensure we received your registration. Due to the generosity of the BI parent community, there are a limited number of fee-waivers for graduates with financial need. If you’d like to request a fee waiver, please contact Mary Jordan. 
  • What does the registration cover?

    For $100, your senior will receive an unforgettable night with friends, souvenirs of this memorable evening, at least one prize, access to all activities and refreshments during the whole night. No additional cash is necessary and no-shows are not refundable. Please note that this registration is separate from all other Bishop Ireton fees, including graduation. 
  • What should my grad wear to the party?

    Historically, the grads come in very comfortable clothes – shorts (not TOO short) t-shirts and tennis shoes. They can wear whatever they want, but they’ll be busy and will want to be comfortable. They also need to bring a CDC-approved face covering. 
  • What does my grad bring with them? 

    Most grads bring a backpack to carry away their loot from the party. Anything they bring with them will be checked in the “Bag Room” for the night. They can access it any time they want, but they WILL NOT be allowed to carry it around with them. Grads with special needs (medication) should list those on the registration form for appropriate attention.  We limit grads from having their phones on them during the party because they participate more fully without having the distraction.  No outside food or beverages may be brought into the facility (including water bottles). We will have plenty of food and drinks available at the party.  Graduates should bring everything they will need into the party when they first arrive, as they will not be permitted to their cars once entering the facility until the event has concluded.
  • Should my grad eat before coming?

    Not necessary! We will have food available all night long and plenty to do to keep them from going hungry or thirsty. 
  • What are the hours for the ANGP?

    The graduates must arrive at the main entrance of the school between 11 pm and midnight. At midnight, the doors are locked and all students will remain INSIDE the school until the party ends at 5 am when the doors are opened. We have volunteers who man the exits to ensure students do not enter or leave while the party is underway. Parents can be assured that their kids are where they are supposed to be. If a graduate needs to leave prior to 5 am for some reason, special arrangements must be made in advance with the ANGP chair and the facility security. Once the party is over at 5 am, the students are free to leave. Once a student leaves, they are not permitted back inside the party. Parents are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to have their children picked up so they are not driving home tired.
  • Will they be able to sneak drugs or alcohol into the party?

    NO! We will have two uniformed, off-duty police officers and many parent volunteers at the school during the whole time. The officers will have a breathalyzer, and we don’t hesitate to check anyone we believe has been drinking alcohol before they arrive. This is a drug, alcohol, electronic cigarette and tobacco-free SAFE celebration for your grad! Unfortunately, if we suspect that a graduate is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will call their parents to pick them up to take them home. ALCOHOL, TOBACCO OR OTHER DRUGS ARE PROHIBITED.  
  • What special rules will be in place due to Covid-19?

    The ANGP will operate under the same rules that Bishop Ireton had in place during the school year. Social distancing, contact tracing, traffic flow patterns, the use of face masks, non-contact activities, cleaning of facilities and equipment protocols will be in place to ensure safety and health of all participants. As with any event, there are inherent risks with attending and parents will be required to sign a waiver of liability for their graduate to attend. All graduates are permitted to attend the ANGP (whether they attended school in person or online) as long as they meet the requirements to attend an event at Bishop Ireton. 

    The ANGP will implement a variety of mitigation strategies that minimize the spread of COVID-19, as recommended by health officials. Volunteers and graduates who feel sick must stay home. They cannot attend unless they are well, fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours (without use of fever reduction medication) and are not under any quarantine orders. 

    A health screening will be required for all volunteers and graduates upon arrival through the use of School Pass, the school’s online security, safety and paperless platform to complete the COVID-19 related screening process. 

    Anyone who does not meet the health standards set in the screening (below a 100.0 temperature) will be sent to the health clinic to be seen by the nursing staff for a formal health evaluation and sent home. Parents will be called to pick up the graduate. 

    Hand sanitizing stations will be available in every classroom and throughout the building to encourage proper sanitary cleaning. All graduates and volunteers to use hand sanitizer upon entry to the ANGP.

    Frequent handwashing with soap and water will be encouraged throughout the ANGP.

    Extra face coverings will be available should anyone leave theirs at home.

    If anyone violates the COVID safety rules, they may be excluded from the event.
  • Will there be an online option for this year’s ANGP?

    Yes! For this year, there will be a limited online option for attendees who do not wish or cannot attend the ANGP in person. For the online option, tickets will cost $50 and graduates will participate in the ANGP though a series of online games and video streams that will occur beginning at 11 pm until 3 am. Participants who wish to participate online should contact our Registration Committee Chair, Jennifer Lis ( for more information as to how to register and log in to the events. 
  • How can I get in touch with you during the night if there is an emergency?

    The ANGP Chair, Kirsti Garlock, will have her cell phone with her throughout the party. You may call her at 703-371-8178. If you have paid for your grad to attend the party but the grad does not show up by midnight when the doors are locked, we will call YOU to let you know they did not make it (and so you know they are not with us in a safe place). 
  • How can I help keep our students safe on graduation night? What about volunteers?

    The event is planned and hosted by PTO volunteers from the Bishop Ireton Community. It takes dozens of volunteers to plan, organize and execute the event, beginning in January each year. Typically, parents of seniors are busy the week of graduation celebrating the big event, so the tradition is for underclassmen parents to take on the lion's share of responsibilities (even though some senior parents still want to volunteer). This event is so much fun, we still have parents who volunteer even after their children have graduated from Bishop Ireton. Please help us make this the best event ever! 

When a senior is registered for ANGP, they and/or their parent/guardian consent to the following:

 By registering this student, I understand that participation in the All Night Graduation Party (ANGP) involves the use of school property. I have been made aware of the purpose of the ANGP, its various activities, and requirements, including: graduates must stay the duration of the event, until 5 am; graduates will participate in carnival-type activities and games; and a hypnotist show is planned for entertainment purposes with a select number of volunteers chosen to participate in the show. I agree that, to the best of my knowledge, my child is physically able to safely participate in all events of the ANGP.  
COVID-19: The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic and is contagious. As a result, the Bishop Ireton PTO in coordination with the Bishop Ireton High School has established essential health and safety measures at the school ("School") for the purposes of hosting the All Night Graduation Party (“ANGP”). The PTO/School have put in place reasonable preventative measures and standards of behavior, consistent with guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and state and local public health guidance, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in School activities. Even with implementation of health and safety protocols, however, the Diocese, School and PTO cannot guarantee that you or your child(ren) will not become infected with COVID-19, and participation in School activities could increase your risk and/or your child(ren)'s risk of contracting COVID-19. Any interaction with others includes possible exposure to, and illness from, communicable diseases including COVID-19 and influenza.  I understand that I have choices for attending the ANGP in person or virtually, online. By attending the ANGP in-person, I give my informed consent for my child to participate and assume responsibility for the above-noted risks. I willingly agree that my child will comply with the health and safety protocols established by the School and will take all reasonable and necessary additional precautions to protect against communicable diseases while on School premises, not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of others with whom they may come into contact.  I hereby authorize the School to enforce such other reasonable measures necessary including temperature screening the night of the ANGP. Any student may be asked to leave/be picked up if they arrive or become ill during the ANGP at the school/PTO discretion. I agree to inform the school administration as soon as possible, but no later than 1 business day, after learning of my/my child’s suspected or confirmed positive case of COVID-19 and/or the need to quarantine due to close contact with a person suspected or confirmed positive for COVID-19 after the ANGP so that appropriate contact tracing may take place.
RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I also agree that I will not hold ANGP, its committee members, the Bishop Ireton High PTO, Bishop Ireton High School or the Diocese of Arlington responsible or liable should my child become injured or ill after attending the ANGP. I give permission for my child to participate in the event, I confirm that I have provided all relevant special needs and medical information via Magnus Emergency Authorization forms, and I grant permission for event officials to contact emergency responders to seek medical attention in the event of any emergency or injury. By registering my student, I authorize the extension of the Emergency Authorization Form already on file with Bishop Ireton High School via Magnus for another 24 hours past graduation, or until 6 am on 5/28/21. If there have been any changes to my student's health history or situation, I have updated this information in Magnus accordingly.