our policy

  • I understand that while online I represent the Bishop Ireton community in the digital world. This includes all online communication through, email, social networking, gaming chatting, blogging and instant messaging.
  • I will be polite and respectful in my online communication.I understand that frivolous or improper use of network resources is prohibited. Videos, music, and social networking sites are not appropriate for school use unless authorized or required by a teacher as part of instruction. Playing games during the school day and accessing inappropriate data and/or pornographic data is not allowed. If I am in doubt about the definition of inappropriate or pornographic material, I will talk to a network administrator or faculty member. This applies to the entire school day and all school activities open lab times before and after school.
  • I will use my Bishop Ireton email (Gmail) account for school related activities only.
  • I will not make audio or video recordings of a member of the BI community without his/her expressed permission. I will not alter audio, video or still images in a way that is unflattering or derogatory toward anyone.
  • I will not deliberately damage network resources to impact the effective operation of computers,  printers or ancillary resources. I know I am liable for any damages I may cause.
  • I will do nothing to impair the school's computer network or to bypass network restrictions or security. I accept the obligation to alert the leaders of the school to any violation of the provisions of the School Code of Conduct or to the existence of any threats to the dignity of the community's members or to the integrity of the community's resources
  • I will make every effort to keep my computer free from viruses and other destructive materials. If I detect a problem I will seek help from the IT department immediately.
  • I will not install or boot non-approved software on to any school computers.
  • I will not use any unauthorized device (such as laptops, cell phones, iPads , tablets, etc. ) on the  School's network unless directed by a teacher, technology department or administration.
  • I will not share any of my user names or passwords with anyone nor use anyone else's user name or passwords.
  • I will neither impersonate anyone online nor misrepresent myself in a way that could threaten, endanger or embarrass the Ireton community or its members.
  • I will respect the privacy of others in the Bishop Ireton community and the digital community at large and not share, post on, access or otherwise interfere with others data without authorization.
  • I understand that Bishop Ireton has the right to inspect any and all data that exists on the Bishop Ireton network or any school device without my prior consent.
  • I will not conduct in behavior which harasses, threatens or bullies others online.
  • I will not share or post online personal identifying information about any member of the BI community without their permission.
  • I will not use Bishop Ireton technology resources for commercial activities or monetary gain.
  • I will respect intellectual property laws which include plagiarism of any sort. This includes using, distributing or saving any material without permission or proper citation. This may exclude “educational fair use" as defined by a teacher.

responsible use of technology

Bishop Ireton High School has a core curricular goal of a commitment to developing 21st century skills. As a result of this goal, students are required to utilize several approved technologies both at home and in school. As a Catholic Salesian Community of Learning we are committed to fostering a spirit of ethical and  responsible use of Technology. Our expectation is that everyone in our community will adhere to following policy and ensure the creation of a safe and productive learning and teaching environment.
These guidelines are designed to apply to any technology resource whether provided by the family or by Bishop Ireton for use at school. While on campus technology resources are to be used strictly for educational purposes. The following agreement outlines general expectations for behavior both appropriate and  inappropriate uses of technology. The school requires that students follow the general expectations for  student behavior outlined in the student handbook when using technology. Any person or persons found in  violation of this policy will be assessed consequences such as: detentions, suspension, expulsion and /or legal action. Bishop Ireton will cooperate with law enforcement if the activities are prohibited by law or related to any potentially illegal activity conducted on our network and on the Bishop Ireton campus. In addition to on campus infractions, the school reserves the right to investigate and apply disciplinary consequences for technology related activities off campus if the activity threatens the safety, well-being, or reputation of our community and its members.

As technologies and technology uses continue to evolve a single policy cannot hope to be all inclusive but the following rules hope to make clear the School’s stance on responsible use,  and disciplinary action related to actions not stated here is at the discretion of the faculty and administration.

Bishop Ireton