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A retreat is essential to growing in our relationship with God. A retreat asks us to put aside our daily tasks to refocus and set spiritual goals as the school year progresses. The Bishop Ireton retreat program is set up to aid a student's growth in faith over four years of their high school education. Every student is required to make a retreat annually. Please read the information on this page for details on meeting this requirement.

retreat registration

In order to guarantee your place on a retreat, please complete all requested forms and payments at least one week in advance of the retreat. For retreats that occur multiple times throughout the year, please ensure that you are signed up for the correct one.   For more information on retreat types, please see the FAQ's in the next section.

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the Freshmen Class Retreat?

    The Freshman Retreat is led by the Salesian Leadership Campers – seniors – who have been trained in the spirituality of St. Francis De Sales and how to share that spirituality through leadership. This takes place during Freshmen Orientation Week. There is no cost for this retreat.
  • Q. What is the Sophomore Class Retreat?

    Sophomore Retreats are one-day service retreats that will take place in December. Students spend the morning going to one of several locations near Bishop Ireton to perform acts of service in the community. In the afternoon, they reflect on their experiences and what it means to be Christians dedicated to serving others. Students will be assigned retreat days, which will be communicated to the students as the retreats draw near. There is no cost for this retreat.
  • Q. What is the Junior Class Retreat?

    Junior Retreats are one-day retreats focused on the importance of rooting our Catholic Faith in our daily lives. This year’s retreat location is Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria. This retreat is required for Juniors that have not already signed up for or attended a retreat this year (Camden, Kairos or a summer retreat approved by Campus Ministry). are expected to attend one of these retreats in order to fulfill their retreat obligation as stated in the handbook. The cost for this retreat is $50.
  • Q. What is the Senior Class Retreat?

    Senior Retreats are one-day retreats focused on making the spiritual transition to College.  Senior retreats are held annually at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington DC. The Senior Retreat is mandatory for any Senior who has not already attended a retreat this year (namely, Fall Kairos, Camden, or an approved summer retreat). The cost for this retreat is $50.
  • Q. What is the Camden Retreat?

    Camden Service Retreats are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors (Priority is given to seniors who have not yet had the opportunity to attend a Camden retreat).

    Students travel via public transportation to Camden, NJ to work with a service organization called DeSales Service Works, which helps a local neighborhood in one of the poorest cities in the country. Students who attend a Camden Retreat fulfill both their service hour and retreat requirements.

    Sign-ups begin in early September via Mrs. Perez’ office. If the maximum amount of spots are reserved, a waiting list will be made available as drop-outs may occur. The cost is $150 (includes transportation, lodging and a donation to DeSales Service Works).
  • Q. What is Kairos?

    Kairos is a four-day student-led retreat where students grow in their knowledge and love of God and others, and how they can build up the faith in the Bishop Ireton Community.  Many students express that this retreat was a highlight of their four years at Bishop Ireton, and has changed their lives in a positive way.

    Much is made of the confidentiality involved with Kairos (as opposed to secrecy). Whereas secrecy is meant to hide the truth, confidentiality allows the truth to be experienced by each new retreatant simply by asking students to be discreet about what happens on this retreat so as not to spoil the powerful spiritual experience with presumption and expectation.

    All Seniors and Juniors are invited to sign-up for either the fall or the spring retreat beginning in September. The cost for this retreat is $300. The retreat is off campus at Summit Lake Christian Camp, Emmitsburg, MD