frequently asked questions

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What information does Bishop Ireton need from my child’s current school?

    In order to make decisions on each applicant, the Admissions Committee needs to see each student’s transcripts of grades and standardized test scores through the second quarter (or first trimester) of the current school year. For Diocesan Catholic elementary school students, the school should send the transcript automatically to each student’s "first choice" school. For all other students, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the school sends us a copy of the transcript. Schools should wait until the end of the second quarter before sending transcripts. There is no need to send the first quarter then the second quarter.  For 9th grade applicants, we expect that transcripts will arrive shortly after the application deadline in January.
  • Q. Our family is not Catholic, will that effect my child’s chances of admissions?

    Only in cases when we are faced with too many qualified applicants. If that happens, the Admissions Policy, which is set by our Board of Governors, requires that we utilize a rating system to rank each qualified applicant. There is a preference built in to this system for students who are Catholic as well as students attending Catholic schools. There is also a preference for strong academic students, siblings, legacies, and applicants with a special talent or achievement.
  • Q. My child received a "D" in Algebra his first quarter. Will this hurt his chances of being accepted to Bishop Ireton?

    Since algebra is not considered a normal 8th grade class, we do not count a poor grade in this subject against applicants. The student could simply retake the course during their first year of enrollment at Bishop Ireton.

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