Word Write Shop

In the original charter of the Writing Center, the writing center was designed as a resource to teachers as well as students. We would like to reassert this focus in the Word Write Shop. For a particular lesson or topic, we will be available to provide a writing lesson, a brief fifteen minute presentaion or an entireclass period for any discipline and teacher.

Lesson Suggestions:
  • Writing for annotated and critical analysis papers
  • Writing thesis, body and conclusion for multi-discipline
  • Creative writing across the curriculum
  • Other topics available upon consultation.

Br. Rick worked with Vicki Eichler on "The poet in the artist's house" This was a collaborative lesson on the fusion of art and poetry. The students were introduced to the poetic forms: simultaneous poems, the draamatic monologue, and the calligram. Students used Photoshop to merge poetry and art work.  The top ,winnner will receive a$50.00 dollacash prize and runnner-up,  25.00 cash prize. The results will be displayed in the library during April's Celebration of Poetry month.
Br. Rick worked with Joanna Henry's sophomores on their reading of Dante. The lesson focused on the impact The Divine Comedy had on the Catholic Church. Moreover, the lesson explained how a lot of what pop culture knows of the devil and hell comes from Dante's poem. Reading the poem, students came away with a clear understanding as to why Dante's work rates in the top ten of Catholic literature.
Br. Rick spoke to former religion teacher Mr. Gavin's class about vocations to the religious life. 
In particular, students viewed a clip from the Franciscan friars TOR website that provided some history and insight to the life and charism of the Franciscan TOR's. After some discussion, Br. Rick fielded questions from the students about his life as a Franciscan brother and how he was called to serve in the manner of Francis of Assisi.
Mr. Rauer invited Br. Rick to do a Roadshow for his Honors Freshman history class on Life in a monastery in medieval times and today. Br. Rick used the time to explain the horarium of the monks and explained the difference between a monk and a friar, as well as the variety of monastic orders. As we know Mr. Rauer is a keen historian of Monastic sites & his first hand travels added depth to the presentation. Br. Rick gives a nod & hug to Mrs. Schieffer for her technical assistance on the powerpoint!  See, how cross curricular collaboration energizes our instruction. You can download a sample of the Roadshow by clicking below.