Word Write Shop

Word Write Shop Procedures:
  • A student enters the writing center, and makes a written appointment (in pen) in the Writing Center appointment book at least 24 hours in advance. There are two slots available per period and one slot available for the before and after school sessions. Walk-ins, while discouraged, will only be met with if there are no scheduled appointments for a particular period. 
  • At the time the student makes an appointment in the Writing Center book, he or she picks up a Student Referral Form which needs to be filled out completely, signed by the referring teacher, and brought to the counseling session. There is a separate form for walk-ins. 
  • The student reports to the writing center at the specific time and date of appointment. The student must bring the signed Student Referral Form, a copy of what they have written and a copy of the assignment. 
  • A student needs to be mentally prepared to ask specific questions of the proctor and have clear goals in mind for what they want to have accomplished by the end of the session. The days of “I don’t know what I need help with, my teacher just told me to come” are over. This previous mindset is not productive and can be thwarted with further clarification and reinforcement of what the writing center is by the classroom teacher. 
  • After the session is successfully completed, the proctor will fill out the Summary of the Session portion of the Student Referral Form and place it in the instructor’s mailbox.

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • What the Word Write Shop IS

    • A resource area for teachers who would like to talk about the writing that they assign
    • A comfortable, non-threatening place for all students to discuss and work on writing assignments from any class
    • A place for students and teachers to gain more confidence about their writing
    • A place for careful listening and critical reading
    • A room set aside for students/teachers to form a collaborative approach to writing
    • An area where students and staff can find out about local and national writing competitions, courses, grants, etc.
    • A place to foster a positive attitude toward writing for everyone in the BI school community
  • What the Word Write Shop IS NOT 

    • A place for remediation only. Students who are already good writers are encouraged to come to the center as a resource to become even better. Writing Center staff will provide an audience for any writer before his/her paper is submitted for a grade.
    • A last chance to have a paper proofread. A writing center’s concern is the process of writing, not editing.
    • A place to be told what should be put into a paper
    • A technology center