Word Write Shop

our vision statement:

The Bishop Ireton Writing Center is designed to sharpen and reinforce the writing instruction students receive across the curriculum by providing students with help at every stage of the writing process and in all disciplines.  The goal is to improve students’ written communication skills by providing them with tutorial help in the planning, drafting, and revising essays, research papers, reports, oral presentations, college essays and scholarship applications.

The Word Write Shop team views writing as a process that can only be improved upon when a student is guided to the realization that all writing is re-writing.  A student’s writing will begin to improve once he or she begins to understand that it is actually the process of writing which enables them to critically think about a topic and thus effectively communicate a message to a particular audience. Improving the literacy abilities of Bishop Ireton students is made possible by providing them with a set of pre-writing, drafting, and revision questioning strategies and techniques which enable them to enhance their ability to critique and revise their own writings.

Recognizing that different disciplines adhere to different writing conventions, the Word Write Shop Team strives to work closely with individual instructors to determine their special requirements and to help the students satisfy them. This  means that collaboration between the disciplines is essential if we as an educational community expect to see improvement in our students’ literacy abilities.  There is a folder in the writing center for every department in the school. Every teacher who gives out a writing assignment places a copy of that assignment in his or her particular discipline’s allotted folder.  Each faculty member provides the Word Write Shop with the assignment, an assessement outline, and any other background information-- creating a true cross-discpline partnership and allows the Word Write Shop team the ability to host a productive session. 

What we can do for you and your student:

  • Help students improve no matter what his or her writing abilities are to begin with.
  • Help at any stage of the writing process.
  • Help foster an understanding of the discipline that is required to produce a well written document/project/assignment.
  • Read students’ work in a responsive, non-judgmental manner.
  • Help students locate rough spots in his or her writings.
  • Refer students to appropriate sources for help on matters we can’t solve in the conference.
  • Show students critical thinking and analytical strategies for better self-editing.
  • Foster an atmosphere where teachers are able to collaborate and communicate with the writing center proctors about the writings that they assign. However, if you are not an English teacher and are not meeting with a writing center proctor regarding a particular assignment, then please vacate the Writing Center work space during the school day. We do not want students to feel overwhelmed by the overcrowding of teachers in the center. A proctoring session can become very hard to conduct if several distracting conversations are taking place.
  • Send a brief report to each student’s instructor about the conference.

our wws proctors:

List of 8 members.