A Message to Applicants

Thank-you for your interest in applying for a teaching position at Bishop Ireton High School.  We believe that the process for finding qualified teachers who are seeking to make Ireton a home is a two-way street.  We look to provide applicants with as much information as possible in order to ensure that our mission and educational philosophy matches your own.  Our website should give you an introduction to the challenging, spiritual, and personalized education that enables Bishop Ireton students to achieve success in high school and beyond. 
All of us at BI want our students to develop to their fullest potential or as our patron St. Francis de Sales writes, “Be who you are and be that well.”  To that end, we are facilitators in recognizing, assembling, and integrating the critical components of a student’s education.  We believe that finding the right teachers is paramount in this ability to give our students the best opportunity and environment to be successful.

Our vision is to inspire each and every student to achieve their potential through high-quality teaching, within an environment inspired by our Catholic and Salesian values.  We are looking for energetic, passionate teachers who welcome the challenges of teaching and who can maintain a sense of perspective in their years here at BI.  We are looking for teachers who demonstrate maturity, professionalism, creativity, and the ability to work in a collegiate environment.  Strong candidates display a consistent work ethic, pursue professional development opportunities, and understand that our profession is a ministry not merely a job.
In order to carry out BI’s mission, we are looking for teachers who are committed to:
  • Integrating a Catholic and Salesian spirit into their subject matter while keeping Francis de Sales’ motto of “fortiter et suaviter” (firmly and gently) as a guiding beacon
  • Giving witness to Christ the Unique Teacher, in both their lives and teaching.  As Fr. Brisson, founders of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales writes:  “What great thing in all the world…than to fashion souls.  What is greater than to mold the morals of the young?  More than any painter, more in genius than the greatest sculptor, is he whose art is to shape consciousness for good and form character who he can recreate in a student the image and likeness of God.”
  • Providing an environment which enables students to grow in their faith
  • Encouraging each student to attain true self-knowledge and a valid sense of self-worth as one created by God in his image
  • Providing a college preparatory curriculum that challenges and inspires each student to achieve individual excellence
Thank you for your interest in Bishop Ireton High School!

Bishop Ireton