parent teacher organization

Mission Statement:
  • Contribute to a closer liaison and relationship among parents/guardians, faculty, administration, staff, Board of Governors and students.
  • Promote the welfare of the students of BI.
  • Work in union with the faculty, administration, staff and parents/guardians to promote and sustain communication within the BI community and encourage the development of BI.
President: Dave Cheney
Vice President: Tom Farrier
Treasurer: Elizabeth Brokamp
Secretary: Tara Quaadman
All Night Grad Party: Kirsti Garlock (
Book Sale: Moira McCormick (
DPTO Representative: Kathy Budzynski (
Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Kathy Gaffney (
Hospitality: Mary Federochko (
Membership: Susan Webster (
Spring Clean Up: Vacant
Faculty Representative: Sheila Baehre (
2016-2017 PTO Class Representatives:
Senior: Cindy Fuller (
Junior: Sandee Riley (
Sophomore: Lisa Aramony (BIClass of
Freshman: Terence Peterson (
Julie Briggs (

Bishop Ireton

703-212-8173 (Fax)
Monday through Friday
7:30am - 4:00pm

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