Course Listings for 2018-19


Course Listings for 2018-19

The preliminary course listings  for sophomores, juniors, and seniors are now live on the Portal. Freshman course listings will be available at the PTO Used Book Sale on July 21.  These are preliminary placements and as the Scheduling Team works with department chairs and as we move things around to resolve conflicts between classes for individual students, a number of schedules are likely to change.
You will hear from the Scheduling Team if you need to change any of your course requests.   Final schedules will be distributed when students report for the new school year.  Any requests for changes at this time should be emailed to Please remember that we will only consider requests for courses and we do not and will not fulfill requests for a particular teacher.  
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Mission Statement:
  • Contribute to a closer liaison and relationship among parents/guardians, faculty, administration, staff, Board of Governors and students.
  • Promote the welfare of the students of BI.
  • Work in union with the faculty, administration, staff and parents/guardians to promote and sustain communication within the BI community and encourage the development of BI.
President: Dave Cheney
Vice President: Tom Farrier
Treasurer: Elizabeth Brokamp
Secretary: Tara Quaadman
All Night Grad Party: Kirsti Garlock (
Book Sale: Moira McCormick (
DPTO Representative: Kathy Budzynski (
Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Kathy Gaffney (
Hospitality: Mary Federochko (
Membership: Susan Webster (
Spring Clean Up: Vacant
Faculty Representative: Sheila Baehre (
2016-2017 PTO Class Representatives:
Senior: Cindy Fuller (
Junior: Sandee Riley (
Sophomore: Lisa Aramony (BIClass of
Freshman: Terence Peterson (
Julie Briggs (

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