Bishop Burbidge Visits Bishop Ireton!

We were overjoyed to welcome Bishop Burbidge, leader and shepherd of The Diocese of Arlington, to Bishop Ireton on Tuesday, September 20! He was incredibly generous with his time, celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit with our community and thoughtfully engaged with our students, faculty and staff. 
While on campus, Bishop Burbidge visited students in our Dual Enrollment English: Worldbuilding Science Fiction and Fantasy class taught by Mrs. Driscoll, our Honors WWI-WWII class taught by Mr. Rauer and AP Physics taught by Mrs. Faletti. He also prayed the daily decade in the St. Francis de Sales chapel, had lunch with students in Murphy Hall and met with our Theology department to discuss curriculum.

During his homily during the Mass of the Holy Spirit, Bishop Burbidge reminded us that "Without God, we can do nothing. But with God, anything is possible." We look forward to his next visit to Cambridge Road!