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Students Learn History First Hand

Bishop Ireton students traveled back in time when they visited two museums at Fort Meade on November 28.

Approximately 37 students, along with teachers Michael Rauer, Dr. Rebecca Vaccaro, Ms. Meredith Tombs, and Fr. Ed Bresnahan, visited exhibits on WWII tanks at the Army Museum and exhibits at the NSA Cryptology Museum.  While at the Cryptology Museum, the students discovered how the British broke into the German diplomatic code and how the Zimmerman Telegram was provided to the United State. This was one of the facets that brought the US into World War I.

The students also explored how the Enigma Machine functioned, and even had the opportunity to send messages on two of the devices.  Additionally, they learned about the World War II Midway code breaking operations, as well as both the Choctaw (WWI) and Navajo (WWII) “code talkers.”

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