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Athletic Hall of Fame

In 2007, the idea for an Athletic Hall of Fame at Bishop Ireton became a reality under the direction of principal Fr. Matt Hilliard, OSFS. Spearheaded by longtime faculty member and coach at Bishop Ireton, Ken Baskette, a selection committee met to establish guidelines. In its first year, the selection committee inducted an inaugural class of 12 into the Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those athletes, teams, and coaches who have made significant contributions to Bishop Ireton Athletics through their service, performance, dedication, commitment, and accomplishments.

2019 Nomination Form

Induction criteria for individual athletes:
  • A graduate of Bishop Ireton High School or St. Mary's Academy (at least five years out)
  • Must have excelled athletically in one or more sports with postseason honors (all-state awards, all-conference awards, all-met awards, etc.)
  • Subsequent athletic accomplishments after graduation from Bishop Ireton High School
Induction criteria for coaches and administrators:
  • Associated with the school for at least four years
  • Significant contributions in one or more sports (team record, titles won, awards, and other contributions)
Induction criteria for teams:
  • Entire team which won titles are eligble 
Please give as much information as possible with respect to awards received and team or individual records.

Class of 2015

    • Andrew Rodriguez

      Class of 2008

      Andrew Rodriguez

    • Derek Williams

      Class of 1983

      Derek Williams

    • Laura Kaye

      Class of 2002

      Laura Kaye

    • Mark Lausten

      Class of 1985

      Mark Lausten

    • Sharon Rimm

      SMA Class of 1972

      Sharon Rimm

    • Tim Gaghan

      Class of 1973

      Tim Gaghan

    • 1975 Golf Team

      1975 Golf Team

Class of 2012

    • Ken Baskette

      Baseball, Football, & Golf Coach (1982-2007)

      Ken Baskette

    • Charlie Attiliis

      Class of 1971

      Charlie Attiliis

    • Jeff Henry

      Class of 2006

      Jeff Henry

    • Bobby Hogue

      Class of 1977

      Bobby Hogue

    • Michelle Horbaly

      Class of 1996

      Michelle Horbaly

    • Joe Reilly

      Class of 1987

      Joe Reilly

Class of 2011

    • Harry Sober

      Swim Coach (1971-1980)

      Harry Sober

    • Paul Gartlan

      Class of 1977

      Paul Gartlan

    • Mike Sheppard

      Class of 1978

      Mike Sheppard

    • Sam Imhof

      Class of 1981

      Sam Imhof

    • Kerry Jozefczyk Lim

      Class of 1998

      Kerry Jozefczyk Lim

    • Joey Kestermann

      Class of 1999

      Joey Kestermann

Class of 2010

    • Tim Alger

      Class of 1983

      Tim Alger

    • Beth Dalmut

      Class of 2004

      Beth Dalmut

    • Tom Ferguson

      Class of 1984

      Tom Ferguson

    • Ed Grimm

      Class of 1970

      Ed Grimm

    • Norm Grimm

      Football & Baseball Coach (1966-1976)

      Norm Grimm

Class of 2009

    • Kathy Bowdring

      SMA Class of 1975

      Kathy Bowdring

    • Tom Donnelly

      Class of 1981

      Tom Donnelly

    • Marvin Elliott

      Class of 1978

      Marvin Elliott

    • Bill Foley

      Class of 1976

      Bill Foley

    • Bob Foley

      Class of 1978

      Bob Foley

    • Robert Keller, Jr.

      Class of 1971

      Robert Keller, Jr.

    • Rob Reilly

      Class of 1973

      Rob Reilly

Class of 2008

    • Iver Magnuessen

      Wrestling Coach (1965-1971)

      Iver Magnuessen

    • Marty Marinoff

      Class of 1968

      Marty Marinoff

    • Jim McGrath

      Class of 1969, Football Coach (1983-1987)

      Jim McGrath

    • Tim Carrington

      Class of 1973

      Tim Carrington

    • Pete Johnson

      Soccer Coach (1979-1991)

      Pete Johnson

    • Frank Hopke

      Class of 1976

      Frank Hopke

    • Robert "Big Bob" Pollard

      Class of 1986

      Robert "Big Bob" Pollard

    • Mark Mangrum

      Class of 1986

      Mark Mangrum

    • Jude Collins

      Class of 1992

      Jude Collins

    • Jessica Wilcox

      Class of 1994

      Jessica Wilcox

    • Chris Colbert

      Class of 1994

      Chris Colbert

    • Jess Luckett

      Class of 2003

      Jess Luckett

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