why give to bishop ireton?

With every donation to Bishop Ireton you are empowering the next generation of critical thinkers, social leaders and global citizens. 

Every gift to Bishop Ireton is an investment.  
We look to our Bishop Ireton and St. Mary's Academy (SMA) alumni for support, as they are direct beneficiaries of a Catholic education. They lived the experience and feel the sense of community and know better than anyone how BI and SMA helped prepare them for college and for life.

We also look to alumni parents who invested in a Catholic education for their children, and have seen first-hand the dividends of that investment. We look to current parents who are experiencing Bishop Ireton right now, and can see the transformation happening right before their eyes.

You are investing in education of students who rely on your financial support for tuition assistance, state-of-the-art learning environments, the highest quality teachers, and all the tools and support we provide to help them get into the best colleges and universities in the country.

There are various ways to give, but the most important is the Annual Fund, which covers the gap between tuition and the 
Director of Advancement Ryan Fannon '89 is happy to answer any questions about how you can best support Bishop Ireton. 

Bishop Ireton