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Cardinal Chatter
September 2, 2014

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Dear Parents & Student Athletes,
Welcome to another exciting year of Cardinal athletics! Each week we will send you this email to "catch up" on the week in review of our varsity sports, give you some "news you can use" in the form of messages from me, from the Positive Coaching Alliance, from recruiting, and from sports medicine. You are invited to participate as well. Our athletic department is a four-man shop supporting more than 50 teams with more than 500 athletes and a hundred coaches. If you want to make sure your team gets a news story of their contest or accomplishment, simply email us the story, or even publish it on league minder yourself! Team up with your athlete's coach and YOU could be the sports information director for your team!

Thank you to all the athletes and parents who attended our Triple Impact Competitor training seminar for athletes and parents at our Second Goal Parenting presentation last week!  Coaches Mark Wiggins and Leslie Brady received positive reviews; they have presented before at Ireton and I was thrilled that they were assigned to us and that we had such a strong turnout.

We had a busy first week of sports, as you will see below.  Our turnout for fall sports has been among the strongest in terms of numbers of student-athletes; each of our fall teams is well stocked.  This week will really see the Cardinals kick into high gear with all our teams in action every day of the week.  I hope you can join us for the excitement of high school sports! Congrats to our football team for their big win at Park View and to our volleyball team with a win and a loss under their belts after one week of action!


While fewer than 2% of all high school athletes nationally will ever play college sports at ANY level, the number of Cardinals going on to "the next level" is well above the national average.  Even as freshmen, now is the time to start building a resume' (especially academic ) and forming a plan if your athlete is thinking college sports. Inevitably, there will be changes, adjustments, surprises along the way.  We hope each week to share some ideas and suggestions to help you prepare for a college athletic experience if the opportunity presents itself; in many ways it's like finding a job.  There are many misconceptions and an ever changing landscape on the college front.  It is difficult to keep up with it all. We can't do that for you, but we can give you some ideas where to find help or information so your athlete makes a good choice when they leave high school.  


Each week, we will focus on a different message or theme consistent with the philosophy we have for our athletic program. You can join the Positive Coaching Alliance and receive weekly emails for athletes, coaches, or parents as well.  One thought as we start the new year: most kids who stop playing sports in high school do so because it is no longer fun, not because it's too hard, but because they simply don't enjoy it.  As coaches, we are sensitive to that. Research suggests the one thing that can make a difference with your athlete is simply to hear this from you as a parent, "I love to watch you play!"
Sports Medicine

We are blessed to have Ty Gardner and Matt Horton, both certified athletic trainers, on our athletic staff full time.  Dr. Kathleen McHale, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, also volunteers her time with our athletes. They are here to serve all our student-athletes. Any injury should be reported to Matt and Ty throughout the year. As parents, you can expect to hear from them on some matters and to work closely with you on the more serious injuries your athlete may experience.  Their first responsibility is to safeguard our athletes, not to "get 'em back in the game" or worry about winning and losing.  I encourage you to work with them closely if your athlete gets injured, but they are not "on call", after sports hours, continue to use your family physician. Look for helpful messages from them each week in this space.    
See our website www.bishopireton.org/athletics
to get the stories and scores for all the games.  Sign up for email updates or follow GRT2BACardinal on Twitter so you are never far from all the excitement of Cardinal athletics!

Bill Simmons, Athletic Director 703-212-5169

Kwinten Brown, Asst. Athletic Director, 703-212-5172

Matt Horton, Asst. Athletic Director/Trainer, 703-212-5171

Ty Gardner, Asst. Athletic Trainer 


Check the Weekly Athletic Schedule for each team's schedule.   



Go Cardinals!! 


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