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Dear Parents & Student Athletes,
You could see it in their eyes as they filed out of the locker room. Not defeat, but simply exhaustion. They had given all they had in four physical quarters of football and had not achieved the goal they set for themselves. Slowly they loaded heavy equipment bags on the bus, some with ice wraps on shoulder, ankles taped; hugging family and friends, each other. They did their best and had come up short; some perhaps realizing their football days had just ended, a chapter of their young lives already closed.  
Fall ended for the Cardinals with 35-6 championship setback at Benedictine for a second consecutive year. But, for the past two years, only Bishop Ireton and Benedictine have lived the experience of a Division I VISAA football championship game. 
Most football players never actually play in a championship game; our seniors have experienced it twice.  And, life goes on for all of them: homework, chores at home, perhaps a part time job. Those life lessons will serve them well as many of them go off after this spring to college; whatever happens, life goes on, you get up each day and get back in the race. 
All of us are proud of their effort, as we were for our soccer team in the WCAC championship, and all our athletes that "fought the good fight" this season! Congratulations to all our fall athletes, it was a thrilling start to the school year!
It's GREAT to be a Cardinal!
Respect for self is a concept important for our athletes. ROOTS: respect rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and also self.  For our athletes, respecting self can be how they react in moments where they can be tempted to abandon their standard and respond to a situation in a manner that they often instantly regret. As parents, coaches, and fans, we should look for those times when we can reinforce those character moments where our players "respect self" by their appropriate reaction to tough situations. Reinforcing those positives in negative times... 
When you talk with college coaches, be prepared for questions that you "know" they are going to ask. One question you will get is, "where else are you looking?" or "who else is contacting you?" If you are talking to UVa, and tell them Liberty and Stony Brook, then the message well may be that they are overestimating your talent. If they ask you where you are looking, be sure your answer doesn't suggest they are not your first choice. That is not to suggest being untruthful, but it is to suggest that your answer conveys the message that you are serious about their school. If you aren't, then you should tell them that up front.
Sports Medicine
Part 1 of 3 in our Nutrition begins with some basics:
Carbohydrates: Are the body's main source of energy. During athletic performance the body uses carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrates come in 2 forms: complex and simple. Complex carbohydrates are the body's preferred fuel source.
Complex Carbohydrates: Are often referred to as starches or fiber. They are found naturally in foods and also refined in processed foods. They provide the body with a more sustained amount of energy.  Examples are whole grains, legumes, and root vegetables.
Simple Carbohydrates: Are sugars. They occur naturally in fruits, plants, and milk but can also occur in a refined form such as in candy and soft drinks. They provide the body with short bursts of energy.
Fats: Are an additional energy source that assists in absorbing fat soluble vitamins (Vitamins A,E, K, D). We need fat for tissue repair, hormone metabolism, and padding of internal organs.
Proteins: Are essential for tissue growth and repair. Examples of proteins are poultry, fish, meat, soy beans, legumes, eggs.
Next week we will discuss how these can work together to provide you with the optimum nutritional needs in order to enhance athletic performance.
See our website www.bishopireton.org/athletics
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Get the App for your phone:  NIAAA Sideline and find the only school in Virginia, Bishop Ireton.
With that you can see each day's games, results, what may be broadcast, news articles, and much more.

Bill Simmons, Athletic Director 703-212-5169

Kwinten Brown, Asst. Athletic Director, 703-212-5172

Matt Horton, Asst. Athletic Director/Trainer, 703-212-5171

Ty Gardner, Asst. Athletic Trainer 


Check the Weekly Athletic Schedule for each team's schedule.   



Go Cardinals!! 


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Christmas Trees
Bishop Ireton Crew Team will sell Christmas trees on Fannon xmas-tree-icon.gif Field, December 4th, 3-8 pm, December 5th, 9 am-7 pm and December 6th, 10 am-5 pm. Please tell your neighbors and friends so they come get their fresh tree and wreaths from us! Bring your SUV to school pickup on Friday the 4th and take home a fresh Christmas tree! Signs will be posted soon around the neighborhood! For more info contact a crew team member or Donna 703-780-7494.
B.I. Athletic Boosters
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Go Cardinals!  
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