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Dear Parents & Student Athletes,
With the Varsity Athletic Awards Banquet in the books, we draw the sports year to a close. Congratulations to Ryan Scott and Kelly Mathews, our 2014-15 Father Godley Trophy winners; as well as women's basketball coach, Jason Harris, our coach of the year, and Cliff Cooks, our assistant coach of the year. The boys' soccer team won the inaugural Cardinal Cup - well done guys! It was a great night for the Cardinals.  With more than 370 people in attendance it was quite a gala!

I promised a short survey for those of you that open and read our weekly Cardinal Chatter. We hope you will take a minute to give us your honest input on the weekly email in order to make it as useful as possible.

Click here for the survey.

We had a great year in sports! Congratulations to each of our athletes and particularly to our seniors who have worn the Cardinal and Gold for Bishop Ireton for the last time! To quote Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie, "Field of Dreams" to Moonlight Graham near the end of the movie, "you were good, kid."
You were good, Class of 2015. May the next days be your best days! Be "Cardinals for Life" Class of 2015!

Bishop Ireton honors 2014-15 athletes at Gala
WCAC announces spring all conference in lacrosse, baseball

As we head to summer vacation, take a moment to talk to your athlete about their sports experience. The number one reason they stop playing is because it is no longer fun. As we know, you can work hard, be challenged, experience setbacks and still have fun. But there are way too many important things in our lives that aren't fun to have sports cease to be one of them. If the fun is gone, see what can be done to bring it back and what took it away in the first place. For nearly everyone, high school is the last opportunity to play competitive, organized sports.


Don't miss this short video about recruiting if you are the parent of a prospective college athlete. This is men's basketball coach, Mike Brey, talking about parents in the recruiting process.

Sports Medicine

Lightening Safety During Outdoor Activities

The heat and humidity of mid-Atlantic summer months can bring about dangerous thunderstorms weather. Below are common sense measures everyone should to take when participating in outdoor activities when inclement weather is approaching. Always remember where there is thunder there is lightening. A good phrase to follow is "If you hear it, clear it. If you see it, flee it."

1. Postpone or suspend activity if a thunderstorm appears imminent before or during an activity of contest (regardless of whether thunder is heard or lightening is spotted).
2. Postpone or suspend activity if any thunder is heard or lightening is seen.
3. Determine the closest safe structures in advance of any activity. Safe structures include the nearest school building, a complete enclosure, or a fully enclosed vehicle with windows tightly closed. Press boxes, shed, storage buildings, or dugouts do not provide adequate protection. Do not take shelter under or near trees, flag poles, or light poles.
4. Avoid being in contact with, or in proximity to, the highest point of an open field or on the open water.
5. Practice the "flash to bang" method of measuring lightening distance as it approaches. using this method, one counts the seconds from seeing the stroke to hearing the thunder. For each 5-second count, lightening is 1 mile away. So, at 25 seconds, the strike is 5 miles away; at 20 seconds, the strike is 4 miles away.
6. Select a distinctive, recognizable method to announce or signal the lightening warning and clear-the-area order, such as blasts of a whistle and a shouted command.
7. Estimate the amount of time required to safely evacuate, at a comfortable pace, to the designated shelters(s). The "Clear the Area Signal" should occur as soon as thunder is heard or lightening is spotted. Remember that lightning may strike as many as 10 miles from the rain that may accompany a thunderstorm. At a count of 15 seconds (3 miles) there is imminent danger, amid immediate defensive action must be taken. When lightning strikes this close, participants an spectators are in immediate danger.
8. By the time the flash-to-bang count approaches (or is less than) 30 seconds, all individuals should already be inside or should immediately seek a safe structure or location.
9. Designate one person who is responsible for monitoring the weather forecast, watching for the developing weather conditions accompanied by lightening, and timing the flash-to-bang intervals at the first sight of lightening or sound of thunder. This person should be in constant contact with the person who has the authority to give the clear-the-area signal.
10. Wait at least a minimum of 30 minutes from the last seen lightening strike and/or sound of thunder before resuming activities.
See our website www.bishopireton.org/athletics
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Get the App for your phone:  NIAAA Sideline and find the only school in Virginia, Bishop Ireton.
With that you can see each day's games, results, what may be broadcast, news articles, and much more.

Bill Simmons, Athletic Director 703-212-5169

Kwinten Brown, Asst. Athletic Director, 703-212-5172

Matt Horton, Asst. Athletic Director/Trainer, 703-212-5171

Ty Gardner, Asst. Athletic Trainer 


Check the Weekly Athletic Schedule for each team's schedule.   



Go Cardinals!! 


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