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Transfer Application Procedure


Admissions Criteria

Bishop Ireton High School uses three criteria when evaluating prospective students. The prospective student should meet the following criteria before being accepted:
  • A grade of "C" or better in all of their coursework (1 semester of grades required) 
  • A score around the 50th national percentile or better on standardized tests
  • Satisfactory discipline record
Each student is evaluated by our Admissions Committee. Improvement from the first quarter to the second quarter is considered as part of the committee’s evaluation. In a competitive environment, meeting the minimum criteria may not be enough to gain admission to Bishop Ireton. Additional factors such as religion, previous school, prior family member's attendance, and recommendations may play a part in determining admission.

Application Procedure

Before our Admissions Committee will consider a student for admission, the student must have a complete application file. An applicant’s file is complete when we have a completed "Application for Admission" form, a $50.00 application fee, the student’s transcripts, which should include their most recent grades (minimum of two quarters from the current year), his/her standardized test scores, and a completed school recommendation form. For transfer students (10th, 11th or 12th graders) the Committee will use the results from the student’s most recent standardized test.

Students who apply to transfer into the 10th, 11th and 12th grades are considered from April through August on a space available basis. All applications are weighed on the academic strengths of the student (grades and standardized test scores) and the student’s discipline record.

Please contact the admissions office with your questions and concerns about Bishop Ireton. We welcome visitors and would be happy to arrange for you to have a tour of our school.


To Do Checklist

  • Attend our Open House in the Fall
  • Obtain an "Admissions Packet" and review materials thoroughly. Pay Close attention to the deadlines! 
  •  Ask current school to forward your complete transcript (through the 2nd quarter of the current year) to us. If you are enrolled outside of the Arlington Diocesan elementary school system, your parents must fill out their part of the "Parent Release of Information Form" and give it to the teacher or guidance counselor of your current school. That school must complete the form and forward it and your transcripts to Bishop Ireton.
  • Mail the "Application for Admission" form with the $50.00 application fee to Bishop Ireton.
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