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Grading Policy

The following table shows each grade range's corresponding letter grade in the first row. The next three rows show the grade point average (GPA) scales for each level of course difficulty (college preparatory, honors, or advanced placement).

                             Quality Points          CP                     H                   AP             Number Range

  A                     4                      4.5                   5                      93-100

A-                    3.7                   4.2                   4.7                   90-92

B+                   3.3                   3.8                   4.3                   87-89

B                     3                      3.5                   4                      83-86

B-                    2.7                   3.2                   3.7                   80-82

C+                   2.3                   2.8                   3.3                   77-79

C                     2                      2.5                   3                      73-76

C-                    1.7                   2.2                   2.7                   70-72

D                     1                      1.5                   2                      65-69

          F                      0                      0                      0                      64 & below

I (Incomplete) - the necessary course requirements have not been fulfilled.

Dean's List (Honor Roll)


First Honors - Received if GPA is 4.000 or above with no failures or incompletes
Second Honors - Received if GPA is between 3.500 and 3.999 with no failures or incompletes

Failure Policy


A student who fails a semester or a full year course at the final grade must pass that course in an approved summer school before being readmitted to Bishop Ireton High School. Failed courses may not be repeated during the school year. Seniors who receive failures will not receive their diplomas and will not participate in graduation exercises until all failed courses are passed in an approved summer school.

At the end of each school year, the Vice Principal for Academics will advise the Principal of the names of students whose GPA for the year falls below 1.80. The academic records of those students will be reviewed. Teachers and appropriate administrators will be consulted. After the review process, students with a GPA lower than 1.80 may be academically dismissed from Bishop Ireton High School. Any student who fails two courses at the final grade may be asked to leave.

Cumulative Course Policy


A student who receives a grade of "D" as the final grade for the year in Foreign Language or Mathematics must make-up the course in an approved summer school program prior to continuing their study in Foreign Language or Mathematics.

Attendance Regulations


Good attendance contributes directly to academic success; therefore, students are expected to attend school and all classes every day. Absence from school or class shall be for approved reasons only and a minimum number of absences shall be permitted. Truancy from school or class shall not be an acceptable reason for absence. Any absence from the school building not approved by either the principal, vice principals or dean of students is considered a truancy. Students absent without an acceptable reason shall incur the relevant consequences. All absences will be noted on a student’s permanent record.

If a student is absent for more than 10 classes of a semester course, or more than 20 absences of a full year course, he/she will not receive credit for that course. The principal reserves the right to review each case if there are extraordinary circumstances.




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