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The Girl on the Magazine Cover:
The Origins of Visual Sterotypes in american Mass Media  by Carolyn Kitch -Reviewed by Linda Dube
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Joanne Schiefer         Marianne Bradford


National Women in History


Joanne Schiefer 


Topic: As March is "National Women in History" month, your mid-4th quarter project will be to create a five-page Web Site dealing with four historical women of your choosing.


Directions: You must choose one woman of importance from the following four areas: Religious (choose a female saint); Historical (choose an accomplished/famous woman in history); Science (choose a well-known woman and describe her contribution in the field of science) and, Political (choose a woman who made a significant impact on the American or international political scene).


Requirements: Your main page (or index page) should be set up in a frame with links in the left frame to each of the other pages. The main page (or main frameset) should include your name, a reference to "National Women in History" month, and a description of the other pages in your web site.  Each of the supporting pages should open up in the main frame.  Each supporting page should have significant details of the person you have chosen and why. Include as many facts about this person as possible. Each individual page should contain historical photos, if available, and appropriate clip art, if applicable.  The site should be well organized, clear and pleasant to the eye.  In-depth research is expected and all research should be conducted on-line.  All content must be appropriately and accurately referenced and linked if it is a website link, using the APA citation format.  No less than three different, reliable, web sources will be accepted.



 Marianne Bradford is Expanding Her Skills with Two Technologies this Year 


This year I am working in two new technologies. First I am continuing to work and expand my use of the SmartBoard and second I am flipping my classroom using Educreations.

On the SmartBoard I used the construction tools (compass, protractor and straightedge) to do some angle measuring and some constructions in Geometry. I also have been using the screen tool which is handy to show only a part of the slide at a time. I have been making use of that a great deal. I have also used the "Erase to Reveal" technique fairly often. I use it for definition, some theorems, and other things I wish not to have to write over and over. I like that method.


For flipping the classroom, I have been working with Cathy Melanson to create lessons using Educreations. I decided to try doing one lesson per chapter in Geometry. It has worked out pretty well. There was a steep learning curve on my part but the lessons are getting easier to record without so many mistakes, and the students are adapting fine to looking at it. I post the link on my website and the portal for them and tell them a couple of days in advance that it is coming up to view, in case they have a problem accessing it. Most students watch it now as opposed to only some at the beginning of the year. In class, I spend a short time reviewing the material, then most of the time practicing the concepts better.

I have learned much this year and hope to continue this next year with perhaps doing it in my other class.


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