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*Reviewed by Linda Dube
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Catholic/Salesian Curriculum Integration
"Growing in Wisdom interests me only to the extent that through it, I also grow in holiness. "
St. Francis de Sales


          Laura Laclede                     Bill Gavin

An Edifying and Electrifying Lesson!

The students in Mrs. Laclede's CP Physics class recently studied electricity and its applications, including electric circuits.  In order to gain a better understanding of circuit construction and function, students in Mrs. Laclede's class built virtual circuits using free science simulation software published by the University of Colorado Boulder.  This program allows students to construct several configurations of circuits both in series and in parallel using virtual batteries, light bulbs, switches, resistors, and capacitors.  Students can experiment with different configurations to see, for example, which will allow light bulbs to burn brighter.  Students can hook up virtual ammeters and voltmeters to their circuits to see which configurations draw more current or to observe voltage drops across certain circuit components.  The simulation also allows students to see the dangers of unsafe circuit configurations - like short circuits - without fear of actual harm.  The University of Colorado Boulder offers several other science simulations that Mrs. Laclede uses throughout the year.  These simulations can be found at the following web address:  http://phet.colorado.edu/ 

You are There

Bill Gavin uses this cool web site during his lectures to bring the places he is discussing  alive  for his students.  The web site is www.360cities.net

Here are a couple examples:


Note, how you can click full screen and then move it around.  You can also zoom by rolling the mouse.

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