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Saint Mary's Academy Alumnae Association
May 1, 2015
 (Vol. 3, Number 2)
Blessed Mother

He will teach you everything. (John 14:26)


What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of a teacher? Homework? A chalkboard? The times you got in trouble? These are the memories that often stick in our minds-along with memories of the very good teachers, the ones who ignited a fire for learning in our hearts.

What set those exceptional teachers apart? They took time to work with us individually. They struck just the right balance between encouraging us and challenging us. They created an environment in which we could ask lots of questions and pursue the answers.


In this Gospel passage, Jesus talks about how the Holy Spirit is the best teacher in the world. Only instead of math or history, the Spirit wants to teach us about Jesus. As a teacher, his goal is not only to impart new knowledge to us. He wants to help us apply that knowledge to our lives. When we are feeling burdened by guilt, he reminds us that "there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus" (Romans 8:1). When we are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, he reminds us how much Jesus loves us. When we are experiencing a season of blessing and peace, he moves us to thank the Lord for his goodness. He is speaking to us all the time, teaching us how to see the world through the eyes of Christ.


As a dedicated teacher, the Spirit also challenges us in our walk of faith. He nudges us to be more kind or encourages us to compliment rather than criticize. He reminds us to serve one another and bless everyone, even the ones who rub us the wrong way.


Take some time to ponder just one thought from this Gospel reading, and see what comes into your heart. You could look at Jesus' promise to come dwell in you. You could focus on loving Jesus by following his commands. You could focus, as we did, on the Holy Spirit as a teacher. Just mull this one idea in your mind, and see if any new thoughts come to you. If they are filled with peace, hope, or encouragement, you can be sure that the Spirit is teaching you!


"Thank you, Holy Spirit, for opening my mind and my heart. Come and teach me about Jesus today." (Acts 14:5-18; Psalm 115:1-4, 15-16)


As I get closer to the end of this school year (and my last year of teaching here at Bishop Ireton), I thought I'd share with all of you this Gospel passage... an especially meaningful one for me!

 ~Joanne Mazzarella Schiefer,'71, President

Celebrating 40 years - Focusing on the Class of 1975  

Class Officers

Lunch Bunch
Munch, Munch, Crunch, Crunch,
Familiar sounds from Junior Lunch!

All photos taken from
ChariSMA 1974

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Please know that we have a 'home" at Bishop Ireton High School.  And, remember, keep in touch.  We would love to know what our alumnae are doing and how we can serve our alumnae in any way we can. 


Joanne Mazzarella Schiefer, '71, President(schieferj@bishopireton.org)
Sue Nelson Sargent, '72, Vice President (sgt_1976@yahoo.com)
Kay Deir Green, '82, Secretary (kaydeir@verizon.net
Nicole DiLorenzo, '89, Treasurer (DiLorenz@bishopireton.org)
Christine Stegmaier Byrnes, '71, Membership Chair (byrnesc@aol.com)

In This Issue

Be on the lookout: Invitation to "Tea" Event will be included in next month's SMA Newsletter.
September 2015 "Tea"
Please mark your calendars and Save the Date:  Sunday, September 20, 2015 at Bishop Ireton High School. Mass will be 1:00 p.m. with a high tea to follow. All are welcome. If you have new, or revised contact information, please send us an email so you will be kept up to date on all our activities.
Email Nicole DiLorenzo at:

Possible Class of  1965
Reunion Event

Hi Nicole,
I am actually SMA class of 1975, but but I have a sister, Barbara Woodland Fleming that is SMA 1965 and this would be their 50th reunion.  My sister lives in Oregon, but was asking me if I had heard anything about her 50th.  I posted something on Facebook and got nothing.  Do you know anyone in the class of 1965 that is thinking about a reunion?  I would be happy to help with "leg work" as Barbara really can't, but wouldn't know where to start. 
Thank you,
Helen Woodland Hager '75

Helen:  Hopefully, your sister's classmates will see this notice and contact you.  Good luck!

Joanne Mazzarella Schiefer, '71
Regarding March, 2015 Issue

Many thanks to Patti, Barb and Sister Jeannette Fettig for this information about Sister Edmund.  So nice to know her original name and about her long career.
Alas, I was very afraid of her, as I was extremely shy in those days and stuttered badly.  But I greatly admired her zealous dedication to history and teaching!
My sister Alice and I actually spoke with Sister Edmund at the main convent in South Bend when Alice's daughter graduated from Notre Dame more than 20 years ago.  Alice and I wanted to find information about Sister Clotile, with whom Alice had lost contact.  To our great surprise, Sister Edmund answered the door!  She was most cheerful and told us that Sister Clotile was in the skilled nursing section of the mother house.  We saw Sister Clotile very briefly because she was extremely frail.  Alice, I believe, held her hand.
Sister Edmund also directed us to the nearby cemetery, and we visited a grave or two, including that of Sister Catherine, my freshman homeroom teacher.
These St. Mary's memories are so powerful. Thanks again to Barb, Patti and Sister Jeannette.
Monica Nollet Roland. SMA '65 

Thanks for passing on the info about Sr. Edmund.  I remember her as a great teacher of history, but a little scary.  She always seemed so stern.  I wish I had known her as an adult because her bio tells the story of a very kind and caring person. 
Rosemarie  Shannon, SMA '65
Thanks for the info on Sr. Edmund.  I spend a lot of after school hours during the week with her during our 2-4th years.  She was quite an inspiration to me.  She taught me how to use the mimeograph and other equipment in the office.  I think she was the one who kept the birthday board at the bottom of the stairs on the lower level of the Academy.  She also noted on the board to send your mother a dozen roses on your birthday (to thank her).  She seemed really strict to a lot of the girls, but she was really a sweet heart and good friend and mentor when you got to know her.  May she rest in peace in a high place in heaven.  

Donna Moore O'Halloran, SMA '65 


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